The Birds… Seville, not Hitchcock.

So birds. I love them. I know bugger all about them. I can spot a sparrow, magpie, black bird, crow or gull. I even now know a few of the types of gull because of living here in Gibraltar as we have an absolute ton of them flapping around, but beyond that I am completely useless.

So imagine my childish delight when I first went to Seville, and we spotted the bright green birds in  the Maria Luisa Park. This time around I was armed with my new zoomy zoom zoom lens (yes I have been trained professionally, can you tell?). Mr BOTR, answered a few work emails while I did my level best to get some good shots of these marvellous creatures. They are canny little gits as well, flapping by, squawking at each other, “Don’t stop this ones got a camera”. I really believe that is what they were saying to one another, as it took me two visits, an aching neck, and hiding behind some bushes (like a creep) to get these shots.

Whilst on the photo-hunt for the green birds I did get distracted by some other birdies, so they are in this post too, because I didn’t want to leave them out!

If anyone can tell what type of birds these little green dudes are I would be very grateful! 🙂

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