Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares / Museum of Arts and Traditions – Seville / Sevilla – Spain

So like I said in an earlier post we arrived in Seville on a Monday, at around lunch so we hastily grabbed (OK I hastily grabbed) the camera bag and we set off to the museums, without our list of ‘things to do’.

The museums were closed.

So we came back the next day. Tuesday morning we had a look around the Museum of Arts and Traditions and the Archaeological Museum.

The Museum of Arts and Traditions is housed in a glorious building.

???????????????????????????????There are leaflets that guide you about the displays and rooms in several languages, so this isn’t a case of wandering around staring at random objects wondering what they all are.

Some of the traditional craft ‘rooms’ were more interesting than others, but I really think that boils down to what you find interesting… Mr BOTR was very interested in the guitar room. He spent a while  absorbing all of the different tools and things used to create these rather intricate instruments and we both stood in awe at the traditional presses for squishing olives and the like. They were massive.

The museum (staff, not random talking building) asks you not to take a million photos, so I respected their request and only took a few…

For information:


Telephone: 00 34 955 54 29 51

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