Last week… Seville Cathedral

Now we have visited Seville quite a few times and although we have been inside of the cathedral a few times we’ve never made it up the tower. Mostly because we didn’t know we could and also on our one other chance to do it, Mr BOTR had an attack of allergies so we stayed outside while the rest of our party went inside for a look. (FYI this area is rife with woman who try to sell you lucky heather, interact with them at your peril, and beware pick pockets on this area.)

The weather last Tuesday in Seville was a mixed bag. It started off really sunny, we had a few fluffy clouds roll by, then we got some light rain and sunshine, then some hail, then some more sun and then it got a bit rainy and dark. I am telling you all this because it happened mostly while we were at the top of the tower and made for the best pictures! Thank you clouds (and God). This is another amazing place to view Seville from. It was so busy in the cathedral and up the tower, but I made two circuits of the top of tower, changing lenses like a crazy person.

The structure of the cathedral is mind-blowing. The stained glass windows are beautiful. There is a ‘museum area’ inside of the cathedral where religious works of art are shown (you have to walk through it to gain access to the cathedral) and I have to say they were not really my cup of tea, I can see the detail, the dedication and the sheer hard work that went into them, but that type of art is just too depressing. Chopped off heads, persecuted people. It isn’t what my idea of God is about…

To get full access to the Cathedral follow the crowds around to the ‘side’ it is the main entrance I think but there are always a ton of people hanging around so you’ll know what I mean. It is where you can get horse and carriage tours of the city. It costs €8 per adult. I’m not sure if there is a variation on prices regarding ages, large parties etc…


The tower is high, do not go up there if you are afraid of heights, or have bad knees / hips etc.


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