Last week…La plaza de la Encarnación – Seville

One week ago today Mr BOTR and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We decided sort of last-minute (earlier discussions were held, but booking took place a mere day or so before) to visit Seville. We love Seville, I have lost count of how many times we have visited, but it is extra special to us as we spent our honeymoon there.

This time around we decided instead of just wandering around looking at the beautiful architecture, eating food and people watching we would get our ‘tourist’ on. We wanted to visit a couple of museums and I really wanted to visit La plaza de la Encarnación.

We stayed in the very same apartment where we spent our honeymoon, which is really close by to Torre del Oro, which is on the Guadalquivir river, the apartments location is really handy for the centre of Seville.

We arrived in the early afternoon, well closer to lunch really, dumped our bags and set off to explore the museums.

Epic fail. I had printed off a load of information, but forgot to bring it with us, instead just grabbing my camera bag, on this self-made sheet of facts, were the opening times of the museums. All closed on Mondays. We shrugged our shoulders, and decided that we would visit La plaza de la Encarnación instead. We wandered past Plaza de España, I love that building, it is just so beautiful. And then through the centre of town, past the cathedral and finally after getting sidetracked a little bit by the shops we got to La plaza de la Encarnación.

I have seen pictures and I sort of know a little bit about it, but nothing prepared me for how massive this insane structure is. I loved it. Now I know it is made from wood, but to me the predominant elements were concrete and steel, and I am not joking the view from it is one of the best in Seville. It gave my new camera lens a work out. (Anniversary gift, thank you again Mr BOTR!) We were up on the viewing platform for over an hour, the weather wasn’t the best, it wasn’t cold as such, just overcast and gloomy. But even with the gloomy sky, you could see for miles!

So across the two and a bit days break, I took 750 something photos. They aren’t all going on here don’t worry! But my favourites from this part of the trip are posted below!

Underneath the viewing platform is a restaurant / bar and underground are the Roman Ruins and a gift shop.

The ruins are on Museum opening hours Tuesday – Sunday. There is a charge to enter both the ruins and the viewing platform, €2 per adult for the ruins and I think €3 for the viewing platform, I have misplaced my blasted tickets! There isn’t a time limit on either place for visits either, so you could have a look at the ruins, get some lunch under the viewing platform and then go a bit view crazy! We went back on Tuesday afternoon to look at the ruins, they were fascinating, but I’ll post about them separately!


4 thoughts on “Last week…La plaza de la Encarnación – Seville

  1. I so enjoyed your photos and allowed us to see part of another city we had never thought of going to. We will be going adding this city on to our list.


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