Punta Paloma – Tarifa – Spain

Friday the 7th of February, while dad was still firmly in holiday mode, we hired a car and took a little road trip! A very scenic drive up the Costa del Luz.

We took in Tarifa, always good for a pit stop and stroll. Most of the shops were closed (we got there during siesta) but the best shop was open!


We loaded up on cakes and went to find a sunny bench to eat them on. Genuinely you would be hard pushed to find better cakes. Or for that matter better surroundings to enjoy them in! I love Tarifa for an afternoon out. The streets in the old town are picture-postcard-perfect and the beach is just breathtaking.

After stuffing our faces we decided to venture further up the coast. Now originally we were going to visit Bolonia, Dad went in September of last year, where he declared it to be ‘the hottest place on earth’, (it was very warm, so I’ll give him that) but as we drove up the road we decided to turn off the coast road earlier than we would for Bolonia. We took once false turn down a road to a campsite, did a u-turn, joined the coast road again and then found the road we were after.

Hello Punta Paloma!

The sand dunes that are visible from Tarifa look impressive when you are in Tarifa, but if you get the chance to actually walk on them, you are in for a real treat.

We walked across the tops of them to start off with. Which was several feet higher than the tops of the trees, higher than the telegraph pole, and we saw the telegraph wire enter a dune and then pop out the other side. This landscape changes depending on the direction of the wind, sometimes the road is completely lost underneath the sand, which is just madness. I for one have never ever seen anything like it. Dad was absolutely blown away. He remarked as we all did, that it was the closest we had ever been to a desert! It was pretty crazy. Needless to say our next visitors will be taken there for a walk! 🙂

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