Monkey Time

During his two week stay we only did one ‘proper’ Upper Rock walk. The weather was really strange. Mainly sunny and warm, but halfway across the Rock we got lightly rained on, even though the cloud didn’t look dense enough to be able to create rain. We walked through the apes den and fortunately (for Dad, me and the apes are still on a hiatus after they stole my chocolate buttons) there were a bunch of apes playing, sleeping and eating.

Recently the laws / rules and regulations regarding the feeding of the apes has changed. The fine is now in the thousands and a team of people are being employed to try and stop the apes from terrorising the local community. This still hasn’t stopped or deterred people from giving them junk food. One ape had a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and was not sharing with anyone. He was given this by the driver of a car with a local plate, someone who should really know better. (I have the photos!) I am sure that if we (humans) didn’t give them junk food they wouldn’t be such little sods!

It has recently been agreed that a 10% reduction in the ape population must take place. I know that vet areas have or are in the process of being set up to capture the apes, but nobody seems to know where they will be sent once they are caught. I am praying they don’t end up in a lab somewhere. If anyone has any news on this I would love to know. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Monkey Time

    1. No it is really bad for them as well, they get fed ‘proper ape food’ (fruit and vegetables) but they are junk food obsessed! They recognise packaging and will grab bags to get their furry paws on the goods!


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