The last few days…

So my Dad arrived last week as he wants to see a ‘Gibraltarian winter’. It isn’t like winter in the UK and it certainly isn’t like the winters my friend from Canada is used to. But is certainly different to when he has visited previously. We have had some really great sunny days, but we have also had the rain, loads of cloud and that spiteful chill in the evening. Still at least it isn’t snowing!

Since he got here, we’ve walked into La Linea a couple of times and we took him to explore ‘el jungle’ at the weekend, which I have to say was so much busier this time around, which can only be a good thing! I really, really hope this area gets cleaned up so more people can enjoy it. I just hope the tunnels, get cleared but not lit up like the Great Siege Tunnels so it remains, spooky and almost untamed.

We still have a list of things to do while he is here. But in the meantime here are a few pictures of our past week… As you can see the Flotel is now residing at its new home in Ocean Village. I think we might go and take a closer look as soon as it is open for business. I am personally quite curious to see what it looks like inside!

2 thoughts on “The last few days…

  1. Didn’t realise the flotel had moved. Must have had my eyes shut 😀

    Doesn’t Gib look great from La Linea when the weather is part cloudy, you can get some really interesting lighting effects on the north face.

    Hope your dad is enjoying himself. Warm and sunny today after a chilly start (6am but you might not have been aware of that …. )


    1. Have you seen the fl/hotel yet?
      Dad has flown home now. He had a great time, and he got to see ‘Gibraltar rain’. He wasn’t disappointed!
      You are right Gibraltar looks amazing from that angle, especially on a day with a little bit of cloud! 🙂


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