The Lounge – Queensway Quay – Gibraltar

The Lounge is somewhere I have been for drinks in the past, but never food. It has expanded in size, taking over the old  Maharajah restaurant and is now one of the largest places to eat along the Marina.

Our friends have eaten there previously and had heard rave reviews of the Sunday lunch offer, so yesterday they decided to try it out, and we tagged along for good measure!

Firstly and most importantly I have to say that the food is really, really good.

For three courses it is £18.95, we had sushi to start and one of us had a goats cheese dish, which I forgot to get pictures of, but like the dishes above they looked amazing. There are several options on the menu and you can opt to just have a single course, two or three. We had a combo of two and three courses. The classic roast beef was really good and the salmon was cooked to perfection. The deserts though, they really were amazing. I had Eton mess, it was as delicious as it looks and I am assured that the other deserts were just as yummy! (There wasn’t a crumb left, put it that way!)

Plus the restaurant looks out over this:


So you can see that on a sunny afternoon this really is the place to chill out, eat good food and relax! Fingers crossed it is sunny next weekend as well! 😉

I would advise that you call ahead to book, as it was super busy yesterday and as the days become warmer I would guess this will only increase!

The Lounge

17b Ragged Staff Wharf,

Queensway Quay,


Telephone: 00 350 200 61118

5 thoughts on “The Lounge – Queensway Quay – Gibraltar

  1. I walked past there yesterday morning before it was open, I don’t know 8am ish, not your hours! I was stunned to see it had taken over the former Maharajah and couldn’t believe my eyes so good to get your confirmation. It has certainly changed over the years. Where’s the bee on that roast beef pic? I see they also do a veg breakfast which I noticed on the signboard yesterday. In contrast the Waterfront is looking decidedly tatty. I do like QQ but it’s a long time since we have eaten there.


    1. Hey!

      The beef is under the Yorkshire pud, two thick slices, hidden by roasties and mash!
      Queensway is a great place to eat when it is sunny. I didn’t look at the rest of the menu if I am honest, I just picked from the Sunday one. As it gets warmer I might venture down there for breakfast…
      The Waterfront doesn’t look great by comparison and if I am really honest other than going there for drinks I haven’t eaten there in a long time. I wonder if that will get a re-vamp soon, to keep up with the other places along the marina?


      1. Hi Amy. Long time no see 😉

        I thought that was where it was as I couldn’t see it anywhere else. We took someone to I think it was the Boatyard at the time and she had a class roast beef meal. We had asparagus hollandaise 😀 The places on QQ seem to get tired, or can’t make a living, or … or …
        Here is a post from the past about the Waterfront and the Maha
        I suppose the WF and Casa Pepe have been there longer than any others though.


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