La Linea Market

Since we moved to Gibraltar I have heard about the La Linea Wednesday morning market. My lovely neighbour kept reminding me to go, but somehow I just never seemed to get there…. until this week!

I’m told the market moves from town to town across the week, but most people from Gibraltar tend to visit it the day it goes to La Linea, purely because it is just across the runway I would assume. Although I have heard that it is at its largest when pitched in Algeciras.

We arranged on Monday evening, that should the weather be fine we would drive down to the frontier and then walk across. Which is exactly what we did. Thankfully there were no queues, either coming in or going out, except for the normal ones generated by flights landing and taking off.

Now according to my neighbour if the weather is very bad, raining, very windy or such like there are not as many stalls as there usually are. However yesterday we were blessed with a sunny and warm day. (If a little blustery, but nothing to complain about.)

Once you have left the frontier you go towards the play park on the opposite side of the road near to Burger King, and keep walking down. I have to confess I have never previously walked as far down as we did. I really need to spend a bit of time this year getting to know La Linea. The market is situated around the football stadium, and the stalls go on for ages. I couldn’t believe quite how big it was. Walking down to it, gives you an amazing view of the Runway and we saw a couple of flights land, it is quite surreal watching the planes come in from this angle. I might well have to take the camera over one of these days to show you what I mean. I’m not sure what time the market starts, but I am told it packs up fairly early, around lunch time. Possibly noon-ish if there aren’t many folk about.

The prices vary from stall to stall, we found the smaller the stall the better bargains you could get, especially with fruit and fish. If you have a haggling head on your shoulders you are most surely in for a bargain. Now as I said we (Mr BOTR was off yesterday, and came along to explore) had never been before so we weren’t to sure of what to expect. In truth we didn’t actually need anything, except fruit and veg. I was tempted with a few of the bed spreads and blankets. They are so much cheaper than the retailers back over the frontier. And the furry ones looked so warm. But I resisted. (I don’t want to encourage winter to stick around for too long!) There was a cake stall tucked around the back of the market and I had to prise myself off of it. The smell was just incredible. We got (through the help of our interpreters 😉 ) a kilo of Clementines, and half a kilo of strawberries. Both of which taste phenomenal and I have to say that I am going to be going back purely on the basis of the fresh produce. That in itself makes the walk worth it!

The other stalls had home-wares, there were loads of clothes stalls, underwear, soft furnishings, fabric, crafts, a nursery stall with some beautiful house plants. It is well worth a look at. Of course if you do buy anything you are subject to paying duty on certain items. Click here for details on allowances etc…

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