The Three Kings Cavalcade 2014 – Gibraltar

It is fast becoming our tradition (OK mine, Mr BOTR was at work) to attend the cavalcade with our lovely neighbours and their granddaughter. Now children in general scare me, but this little lady is so thoroughly charming I can’t help but adore her. One of my favourite parts of the evening was just before the parade when her grandfather took her down to Casemates Square while myself and her grandmother marked our places, front row now less 😉 (last year we got there late and hardly saw anything, the perils of being short) Anyway she came flying up Main Street calling my name, eager and anxious to tell me she’d just made the acquaintance of Snow White. Thank you Snow White you made her evening!

Now the cavalcade was different this year. Mainly (I think) because of a tragic incident that took place in Malaga last year. A child was crushed and killed under the wheels of a truck as they were hunting around for sweets. So the sweet throwing tradition has been ‘risk assessed’ in Gibraltar and now adults will distribute the candy instead. Whatever reason was used to change it I am glad, I can’t imagine the horror of seeing something like that. So this year before the floats came down two pick-up trucks were slowly driven down Main Street where the adults handed out sweets. This in my opinion was a massive improvement, not only did I not get pelted by candy like last year, young children told to throw (especially the boys) can be vicious little buggers, but the streets didn’t become a disgusting sticky mess covered in wrappers and crushed sweets. So I think this way is a winner. Mind you the kids might not agree as people weren’t hauling massive sacks of goodies home with them so far as I could see. Although that might be because the parade was much smaller this year. Anyway I got a few pictures. Including Miss Gibraltar who looked very beautiful and all of the other pageant winners (or almost all of them) and the marching bands which were awesome. My favourite float was the Monster Inc one. I love Sully. Yes I know I’m a grown up but still…

2 thoughts on “The Three Kings Cavalcade 2014 – Gibraltar

  1. My view? The parade was sad compared with previous ones. I’ll be posting my pix up on my next post. I don’t agree with the sweet decision, I think it is silly for a number of reasons. The Málaga incident wasn’t the one cited by the RGP for banning throwing sweets in Gib. And I think parents should exercise a little control over their children. Why the hell are they so desperate to run for free sweets? They are horrible anyway. OK, I’ll shut up!!


    1. I have to say that last year the crowds were so dense I nearly got pushed over, and that was by people (kids and adults) clambering for candy. It certainly wasn’t as big a parade, but it went on for a decent amount of time, and was just as enjoyable. I think the changes were positive, just from the litter aspect alone! Hopefully next year it’ll be as big as last year, just without the ‘candy stampede’. I do agree though that people should keep a better rein on their crotch-spawn, but with people shoving from behind it wouldn’t being impossible to get injured without falling into the path of a float.


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