New Years Eve!

So last night was our first New Years Eve out in Gibraltar. The last two we have been super lazy and stayed in, quaffing Corona from the comfort of the sofa!

Our plans included food and drink. I had fully intended to remain my normal sober self, however once we were surrounded by lots of jolly (and I have to say rather intoxicated) people I found myself bowing to peer pressure (zero was exerted from my friends, I just figured ‘woohoo, what the hell!’) and indulged in a couple of drinks.

Our first stop was for a takeaway.

Raj’s Curry House in Queensway Quay was our port of call. We have eaten there before, and like before the food was delicious. You can take-away from Raj’s or eat in. We opted for a take-away as we figured that it would be rather busy. It didn’t look swamped, but there was definitely a brisk trade. Whilst we waited for our food to be prepared, we popped to The Waterfront Restaurant and had a drink, (Diet Coke)  and managed to bump into a couple of people we knew, which was very nice. I was surprised at how quiet it was in there. Especially as it was NYE. Most of the bar was empty and the tables only had a few occupants. After a twenty minute wait we went to fetch our grub and headed back to our friends apartment. I didn’t get pictures of our food as I was otherwise occupied with conversation, (and I neglected to bring my camera) but the Tikka Paneer from there is just to-die-for!

At around 2230 we ventured out. We headed down Main Street to Casemates Square as we knew a big party and fireworks had been planned.


We caught all of Jet Streams set and most of This Side Up’s set as well. I have to say I really enjoyed both bands, as did the crowd. So many people were dancing about and singing along, it was such a nice atmosphere. I wont lie I was highly amused at the drunken ‘dad dancing’ going on in the crowd. Seriously it was hilarious. Normally being in the middle of a large crowd freaks me out. It’s not that I have some phobia or other, its just my head seems to be a) armpit height (vile in the summer, not such an issue at this time of year)  b) dancing-elbow-in-the-face height. That happened. I got my own drink knocked all down my front. The human tree (female) that did it was so drunk she didn’t even notice, although her boyfriend did. Haha. Oh well. Whats a night out without vodka in your eye? I will say though that there was a pretty heavy Police presence which I think probably deterred anyone from acting like too much of an ass, (drunken people / brawls are my main reason for not going out on NYE, I just don’t understand the need to round your night / year off by punching someone!) and although everyone was pretty merry I didn’t see any trouble.

Our main reason for going down to Casemates was the lure of fireworks. Gibraltar National Day fireworks are just spectacular and although the NYE display didn’t go on as long, it was none the less very well choreographed to the music being played in the square and everyone was letting of glitter cannons and party poppers so we got covered in glitter and that stringy stuff. As I said I didn’t bring my camera, but I did have my phone so I got a couple of pictures of the stage and a little bit of video of the fireworks.

The firework display in Casemates Square wasn’t the only one going on in Gibraltar. It certainly seemed that a lot of people had their own private ones, which we saw a lot of. Loads of action from around Montagu Gardens and watching the fireworks light up the sky over Upper Town looked so pretty, that’s when I really wished I had brought the camera out as it would have made the nicest picture. Ah well… there is always this year! 🙂

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