Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Here is hoping that 2014 is as great as 2013.

I have made up a little gallery of some of my favourite pictures of 2013.

Personally we have had such a fun and busy year! And next year is already shaping up to be a busy one! 🙂

For me 2013 has been about making new friends in Gibraltar (book club ladies!), hosting family and friends, enjoying the sunshine, being dazzled by beautiful sunsets, eating far too much Lemon Cheesecake (Cafe Rojo), visiting Seville, climbing the Rock, having my chocolate buttons snatched by an ape, getting my hair pulled by an ape, celebrating the weddings of dear friends, celebrating the engagements of more friends and family, welcoming new arrivals to planet earth, (seriously so many babies this year!) driving around Spain (and getting lost!) enjoying the many events laid on in Gibraltar, National Day, Runway, the Convent Open Day, the numerous craft fairs to name but a few, going vegetarian, discovering new recipes and places to eat, enjoying the glorious weather, looking across the Bay of Gibraltar, spending a crazy amount of time taking pictures of Morocco, watching the progress of the flotel, going shopping on Main Street (welcome MAC!), hanging out with friends, chilling out at home and basically loving life!

I hope that everyone who follows the blog continues to do so in 2014 and that it still continues to entertain and ‘help’ where it can! Thank you all for all of your support, comments, shares and likes!

Here’s hoping that everyone has a fab and safe New Years Eve!! 🙂 xoxo

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Yes since August first I have shunned meat! We read a book at book club and it really made me think. So I have been meat free since. To be honest other than Patagonia steak I’ve not missed meat, and since the queues started for pedestrians we’ve not really been over the border all that much, so that hasn’t even been a temptation! I’ve had a little bit of fish here and there, but I was never huge fish fan anyway…

      Mr Levy is just the best, I was so lucky to get a shot with him. He is so dapper!


      1. That’s interesting and pretty impressive. What was the book? And what is the book club?

        Gib is not the best place to start on a veg/meat free diet! Certainly for eating out the options are pretty limited, for example I loathe veg lasagna out (it’s ok if I make it) and the other options are usually a stir fry, a risotto, or something loaded with cheese.

        When I’m lacking inspiration to cook I tend to get an Indian take-away.

        I tend to write about vegetarian issues on Clouds rather than roughseas, although roughseas does have veg recipes on – surprisingly – the recipes page at the top. If you have any queries about veg food do ask, or if you want the links to any of my Clouds posts, let me know.

        I gather you are going to the presentation on Sunday morning. I might make it, so we could end up meeting!


      2. I will check out your posts. Have you been to Paparazzi yet? Big veggie section! I have tried the burger (Ok, not fab, a bit on the soft side) and also the mushroom and pea risotto, which was fab! I am so far using quorn in curries, pies, chillis, and at the Indian I gave the tikka paneer a whirl. Man alive that is delicious! I will certainly check out your recipe section though! To be honest I have always enjoy vegetables and this way of eating is just making me more creative in the kitchen! Which has to be a good thing!

        Book club is group of lovely young ladies who kindly invited me to join their ranks every two weeks where we discuss the book of the month. One of us gets randomly selected via some magic iPhone app and then we have a list of books that we can add to whenever we want on FB and the randomly selected person selects three titles from the list and then we vote at our meeting what to read the following month.
        The particular book that changed my views was a rather odd tome. It was mostly about yoga and karma and all that jazz, but it was called ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’. I enjoyed some of it, but I found most of it be bit meh, but the section on diet really struck a chord with me, it was our July book, I said to myself that August first would be the date I started being meat free and that’s the way I have stayed.
        I shall indeed see you on Sunday. I look forward to meeting you, having read so many of your posts! And oddly I have met Pippa! Hahaha. I’m big fan of doggies and when I was growing up we had a white German Shepherd so pretty canines always catch my eye! 🙂


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