Still getting spoilt with sunsets!

Yesterday I met a friend in town (so, so, so very busy with Christmas shoppers, including me, Christmas jumpers are a MUST!) and then we went back to her apartment for a cup of tea (how English). I had my camera. And oh what a beautiful view she has from her balcony. And windows. Heck they both face the same way! I couldn’t help but take a few shots. The light was just peachy.

We got a good look at the flotel. Contrasting against a sunset, it looks quite industrial and cool. I am still in two minds about this ship. I feel sorry for the folks who will lose their view down in Ocean Village when it finally floats over there. When that is I have no idea. Fingers crossed it will prove to be a big help to the local business in Ocean Village. I am fairly curious to see the inside of it. Not to stay there, but just nose around. At night it is all lit up and looks OK, I know my neighbours children adore looking at it, glowing away in multiple colours, but during the daylight hours I have to say I find it a bit aesthetically challenged if I am honest! At least it isn’t that murky dull grey it once was!

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