Edeline Lee – Runway Select – Gibraltar

The last show of the evening came from Edeline Lee. After her name was announced on Facebook as one of the designers showing at Runway Select I did a little digging. Her website is full of interesting things. Links to Harvey Nichols, where her beautiful collection is stocked, her lookbook for the season, and previous seasons. Links to her Instagram and Twitter. I sound like a regular stalker I know, but her designs just blew my mind. I love her work. The structured architectural shapes are divine, they are severe yet beautifully feminine. For anyone who spends (way too much) time looking at fashion magazines you can easily spot the influence of McQueen in her work and Rodnik for the quirky prints. To be able to see the collection up close and personal was a real treat. I am sure I wasn’t the only attendee at Runway Select who felt the same. I managed to get a few decent(ish) shots of the show from the ‘press pit’ and I have posted them below.

For more information on Edeline Lee click here for her website, here for Instagram, and here for Twitter.

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