Runway Select – Gibraltar – October 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast night Gibraltar played host once again to the Runway fashion event. This time around it was the ‘big sister’ version of the event, Runway Select. On show was local designer and previous Runway winner Shorji, followed by shows from high street favourites Marks & Spencer, Oasis, Boux Avenue and Next followed by Arjan B and then finally Edeline Lee.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the first show I was tucked away in possibly the worst photo taking location ever! So you will have to forgive my somewhat blurred images. The first show was local designer Shorji. Since winning the Runway competition in May she has travelled to the Netherlands to compete in Fashion Clash, and I think this was very evident in her designs. I will be doing a more detailed post on her show later on… We were all really impressed with her designs which seemed more grown up, what I love about these types of events is discovering new talent and then watching them evolve as designers as each season goes by.

Rather lazily I didn’t get pictures of any of the high street shows, purely because it is the stock you can see in store right now, it was interesting to see how the event stylists put outfits together and I am sure that this will inspire some new looks from anyone who has already purchased these pieces! After the high street shows I moved and stood to the side of the press pit. (It helps when you know someone who is working in the event production team.) Which afforded me a better view of the runway for Arjan B and Edeline Lee’s shows. Although next time I will make sure I wear heels. Being short and trying to get a good shot whilst surrounded by tree size gentlemen isn’t the easiest! Lol!


In between the shows we were entertained by local band Fuse and renowned singer Carrie Haber.  Mr BotR was much taken with Ms Haber’s voice likening her to Kate Bush, Gwen Stefani, Imogen Heap and Nerina Pallot. She was very good. I recommend you look her up!

To the side of the main room, was a small room where the designers had stalls / exhibits set up and a few local businesses had competitions to win prizes. Marks and Spencer had a competition to win vouchers, but to enter you needed to have your picture taken. I like taking photos, not being in them, so I hid. However Mr BotR, donned a cardigan and struck a pose. I am searching Facebook next week so I can find it and share it amongst our friends. (Think Zoolander and you will have a good idea of his pose!) I filled in a form from Shoe (amazing little shoe shop on Main Street) to win an Italian Handbag. I have my fingers crossed! I also scored a rather charming tote bag from them, emblazoned with their logo. Which I shall be using as my overflow bag from this day forth! 🙂

As I mentioned designers Arjan B and Edeline Lee also had pieces on show in this room. Being able to see their collections up close and personal was a delight, also there was the opportunity to purchase pieces. Sadly the trousers from Edeline Lee I have been coveting on-line were not included into the show. Oh well. Her pieces are available at Harvey Nichols, and I do believe they ship…

During the intervals, we were served drinks and nibbles, and I have to say I enjoyed trying the delicious canapés, and was very relieved to discover that it wasn’t all meat based! (I have started eating fish again. Sorry fishes.) One of the differences of ‘Runway Select’ to ‘Runway’ was the ticket cost which included drinks until midnight and tapas / canapés. So there wasn’t dauntingly long queues at the bar and everything seemed to breeze along at a more sedate pace. I think these types of events are a work in progress and if I have one grumble it would only be in reference to seating. Being a row or so back, even though I held a VIP ticket / wrist band (and on the Runway Facebook page it says this gets you a front row seat) meant my view was really diminished. I think maybe next time numbered seats would be the way forward? That way if you buy a VIP ticket you get what you were expecting. Barring that gripe the event went by smoothly and very professionally. Again this wasn’t a huge problem as I just scuttled down to the press pit area, but for those of us who are vertically challenged, being sat behind tall (or normal height) people can be a bit of an issue!


Again at this event we received goody bags, this time around they were laden with discount vouchers from Oasis and some of the other featured stores, some information from local businesses and services, make up from Revlon (we got a nail varnish and a lip-gloss, I say we but Mr BotR wasn’t overly keen on either shade! ;-)), who were one of the event sponsors, chocolate, hand-cream and a fold away hair brush from Boux Avenue, and some other bits and pieces. I for one will be taking advantage of the Oasis coupon as I did see a rather splendid jacket during their show!

As the last show appeared at around midnight and Mr BotR had work today we called it a night shortly afterwards. However for the VIP ticket holders there was the after-show party, where you could meet the designers and carry on drinking the bar dry, which I am sure many folks took full advantage of! 🙂

Needless to say we are both looking forward to the next Runway event in May!







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