Dessert o’clock

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch. This vegetarian thing is going quite well really. I had a veggie burger with cream cheese and olives on, which was delicious and she had a rather yummy looking plate of pinchitos. After consuming that we went for a walk, and then what would you know, we found we had about forty minutes to kill…

So of course it made perfect sense to swing by Cafe Rojo and indulge in one of their desserts. Now a couple of weeks ago I was gifted an enormous and delicious lemon cheesecake by the team at Cafe Rojo. Before anyone asks, no I did not eat it all by myself, I shared it, well some of it. But since eating my body weight in cheesecake I have hit something of a wall, so I decided to branch out and embrace a new dessert… Raspberry and apple crumble. A classic, a very delicious classic! My friend had the Baileys and caramel cheesecake which I have to confess did very nearly tempt me too…

Cafe Rojo

54 Irish Town


Telephone: 00 350 200 51738

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