Nunos Restaurant – Caleta Hotel – Gibraltar

It has been a plan of ours to visit Nunos Restaurant for quite some time. We have had a few near misses in the last few months but last week we finally got there. And it was most certainly worth the wait. I didn’t bring the big camera with me as we went with friends. Whilst the husband is quite tolerant of me taking pictures of meals, I still feel slightly cringe-filled when I do that in front of ‘non-bloggers’. However I did bring my camera phone so there are some average shots of our gorgeous grub.

The restaurant is situated on a lower level to the reception and you can eat out on the terrace or inside. Eating outside affords you with a beautiful view of the Med, and beyond. Alas when we went it was dark, so we just had the sound of the sea lapping the rocks and shore. Now although we have been enjoying some glorious sunshine of late, once the sun goes down, it gets cold. Not minus temperature weather, but chilly enough to make you shiver, so even though we started off outside (who were we kidding?) we ended up taking a table indoors.

The restaurant has a quirky and unique interior with a slightly ‘Moroccan’ feel. Or that’s how it looked to me. We ordered some drinks. And perused the menu. This place is all about fish and pasta. I don’t believe I have mentioned it on here, but since August the 1st of this year I have not eaten meat. I have occasionally nibbled at fish dishes, but to be honest I am trying to avoid eating anything that has or had a face. But we did get a little pre-starter appetizer of a prawn in a balsamic vinegar dressing and a shot of carrot soup. Sounds a bit odd, but let me assure it was amazing!

For starters myself and my friend had Gorgonzola cheese salad, a mixture of fruit, (strawberries and melon) with leaves and other salad vegetables, with an orange sauce. Mr BotR had Gnocchi in Amatriciana sauce and our friend had scallops and salad. Pictures below.

Gorgonzola Salad
Gnocchi in Amatriciana sauce

The presentation was perfect. The food was quite simply delicious, and the portion size was spot on.

Alas I forgot to get pictures of the main courses. I had spinach and ricotta ravioli in a pesto sauce, Mr BotR had Redfin tuna steak, our friends had quail and a rack of lamb. There wasn’t a morsel left over. It really was exquisite. My ravioli was delicious, I know it is a simple dish, but so often it can be rather bland and tasteless, this certainly wasn’t the case here, it was so full of flavour and fresh. I was very impressed again with presentation of the dish, and the service that we received. It is very nice to be waited on to such a degree.

I remembered to whip out the camera phone when the desserts arrived. Chocolate Brownies for three of us, and Lemon Torte for one. Again they desserts were amazing. See below!

Lemon Torte
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate brownies

The dining experience at Nunos is very, very pleasant indeed. From the look of the restaurant to the professional standard of care that all diners are afforded. The menu is not hugely extensive it is however a veritable goldmine for those of you who love fish, there are specials added everyday that add some extra choices and the meals are executed to such a high standard I find it hard to criticise on the ‘lack of choice’ (it isn’t really, it is just a bit limited for those who don’t eat flesh!) plus I think it is better to be great at a few things that average at a lot!? The price point is slightly higher than other places in Gibraltar, but this is very much reflected in the service and quality of the food that you eat. I can not wait to return. Maybe earlier in the evening so we can sit outside…:-)

The Caleta Hotel,

Catalan Bay,


Telephone: 00 350 200 76501

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