Levante cloud…

Today started out as so gloomy and overcast that I actually put on jeans. It looked and felt like autumn or even winter. Then I went outside. The weather here is so odd. On our balcony it felt cold. Five minutes into my walk I actually wanted to go home and get changed into shorts!

Annoying I didn’t take my camera out with me today. The Levante was incredible today. Just amazing. Lucky for me my phone has a semi decent camera so I took some pictures and made a tiny video of the cloud rolling over the Rock. The cloud was so thick that the highest point, and the rest of the Rock for that matter was hidden from sight. Morocco vanished and Spain was a faint blur! The cloud from a distance reminds me of the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator. It is amazing to watch it. It is just the weirdest thing to observe the cloud as it swirls off the Rock, in dense layers, creating this round shape. It was so tidy, and light above it, and underneath, well it really does look and feel like a gloomy autumn day.

The other thing I missed from not taking my camera out today, was getting a shot of a real life hummingbird. I have never ever seen one in real life and I am gutted that I missed my chance. I shall get a picture though. I shall if needs be lurk in a flowerbed for hours, now I know they are here I need proof for myself as well as you! Lol.

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