For weeks now I have been trying to get a picture of a dragonfly. But since they are always flitting about, faster than my camera or I can focus I haven’t managed to get my picture. There are so many on the Upper Rock. They fascinate me. I personally think are beautiful looking insects. I have heard that their bites are pretty nasty though. This one was spotted by Mr BotR while we were visiting O’Hara’s Battery (what else to do on a sunny day off?) and I immediately whipped out the camera and began firing off shots. Honestly I took about 50 to make sure I got the ones I wanted. Half way through our willing model got up had a flutter about and came to land on a twig. I am telling you, if you ask nicely pretty much anyone will have their photo taken!

His colour changed as the sun came out, going from an orange colour to a gleaming bright bronze shade. He (or perhaps she, I don’t know) was magnificent to look at! I just wonder if I can get one of the blueish toned ones to stop for a photo next… 🙂

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