A cloudy day…

So yesterday I had a few hours to myself. I could have sat at home watching the TV or some such nonsense but I thought I would tackle the ‘O’Hara’s Battery Walk’. Now I knew that the Battery itself wouldn’t be open, but that the workout of the walk would be a good one. I have set myself a target and walking the Rock will help me reach it!

I packed a 1.5 litre bottle of water, my camera (and a cheeky chocolate bar ‘for fuel’) and off I went. Living in this part of the South District means I can access the Upper Rock from Engineer Road and that offers you spectacular views across the Bay and Strait. I enjoyed the views, although Morocco was hidden by cloud as was Spain, so I just looked that the boats and ships in the Bay. Strolling along, iPod on, keeping as close to the side of the road as possible because in my opinion the drivers here seem to be in some form of ‘Whacky Races / Grand Prix’ and I’ve no desire to see who will come off best, me or a moped / car. I think we all know that answer to that one! I got to Jews Gate, flashed my ID card and started the serious climb. I stopped before St.Michael’s Caves for a drink, DO NOT DRINK or EAT outside of there. Your food WILL be taken by apes, much to my amusement a lady hadn’t listened to her tour driver and was screaming like an infant as she got mugged for her soft drink. Never ceases to amaze me or to amuse me, for that matter. I got to St. Michael’s Caves in record time. I continued along the slope. It was so hard. I swear if I win the lottery I will offer to have steps cut into the side of the road. I just think that would make it easier to climb! I stopped again on my way up the last slope to use the phone and Skype my Dad, solely with the purpose of making him jealous. It worked! 😉 Another ten minutes of intense hill walking and I got to the peak. I sat on the wall and looked down.

I want to say the view was amazing, but it was mostly just swirling cloud. Which in itself was amazing, but in a creepy way. Overhead it moved with a lava like effect, bubbling and moving along to the west, below small puffs broke off and made a bid for freedom before rejoining the giant cloud above, and then there was the misty ‘ground’ level cloud that swirled about me as I sat and ate my chocolate bar. All the time all this movement revealed and then concealed bits of the Gibraltar landscape. It was astonishing how quickly the cloud vanished and then became smoke-thick again.

It wasn’t just the cloud that caught my eye swirling above my head. Nope this isn’t going to be a tale of me getting robbed (again) by an ape, but an enormous bird of prey (a few I think) kept flashing by, and then disappearing into the cloud. If anyone has any idea what this bird is please share!

4 thoughts on “A cloudy day…

  1. You’ve captured the flavor of your area well here with both words and images! That’s quite a raptor in the last couple of photos,
    I’m most impressed with the landscape in your area. I was there 40 odd years ago and it looks to be relatively unchanged. Thank you!


    1. You are welcome! I think from above Gib looks amazing, like a model village! A lot of buildings have gone up in the last few years though, it is much bigger nowadays with the land reclamation that has happened! You should visit and have a look for yourself! 🙂


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