O’Hara’s Battery – Gibraltar

On Friday last week Dad and I went up to O’Hara’s Battery. Now for anyone familiar with the Rock of Gibraltar they will know that a) this old battery is housed on the very highest part of the Rock (a new fact to me, I always thought the peak nearest to Spain was the highest) and b) the gateway is just along from where the (evil but beautiful) Med Steps finish (or start depending on your direction).

The entrance fee is a very reasonable £3.50 for adults and looking at my tourist guide it says kids roam free so long as they are under 12 years of age.

Firstly this isn’t just a site of historical interest it is probably one of the best views in Gibraltar. You can literally see for miles. You are in fact 1383 feet above sea level. The day we went up was ever so slightly cloudy. But that only effected our vantage point to the west of Gibraltar as we were actually in or rather at the point of where the Levante cloud gets made.

The guns themselves are really something, they are massive. They are scary big actually, and learning that they could fire their shells up to eighteen miles away was pretty insane. Bear in mind that Morocco is only about 7 or 8 miles away and that is quite an alarming fact.  No ship with these beasts pointed at them stood a chance. The exhibition shows off the engineering of the time, it allows you to look at the inner workings of these huge guns and to experience how the men who operated them worked. You actually get to travel underground whilst up in the air. A very odd feeling, to walk from the engine room to the gun itself, as I said the weather when we went was slightly cloudy, but out of the cold it was blisteringly hot so these tunnels were such a blessing. They were so cool!

The exhibition is open from 1000 – 1730 daily according to my tourist information sheet, but I would call ahead to ensure you don’t hike all the way up only to discover it is closed. The telephone number for information is (+350) 200 45957.

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