National Day – Gibraltar

Last year Mr BotR was recovering from surgery, so we stayed home and watched the balloon release from the balcony, and the fireworks from Europa Road, the year before that we missed the entire day because of work, this year was slightly different…

We still missed the balloon release (a reason for Dad to visit again next year – we will see that in the flesh, so help me God!) although we were just two minutes away, so that was slightly annoying to say the least, but this year we got the see the crowds for ourselves. I am not at all a crowd person, but although Main Street and Casemate Square was crammed with people it wasn’t frightening in the slightest. Everyone had a huge grin plastered on their faces, people were dancing in the streets and the smell of ‘Tinto‘ was hanging in the air!

This year I have to say my personal highlight was meeting Mr Solomon Levy. Ex-mayor and local celebrity / legend. What a lovely gentleman he is! 😀 The crowds were a sea of red and white, with faces of all ages and race. This day for me, just shows what a real community spirit feels like. There wasn’t any hostility or aggression, just lots of people who are proud to be able to call themselves Gibraltarian. And nobody is excluded, if you find yourself in Gibraltar on National Day you should wear some red and white, take a walk through Main Street and just smile, you can’t help but smile, the good mood is infectious and it an amazing experience, one I shall be repeating next year. However next year I am booking a table somewhere, anywhere in fact, for lunch well in advance and I am also setting an alarm to leave the house by. Those bloody balloons, I want to see them set free close up!!!

During the speeches section of the day this year a televised message from UK Prime Minister was shown, and there were also several dignitaries from the Falkland Islands present. The border queues, burnt out cars and general spitefulness that emanates from certain people over the border has left a lot of people feeling nervous. And rightly so. I do not wish to think of how difficult things could get should the border close. But at the same time, these recent troubles have brought out that famous fighting spirit in Gibraltar. I don’t know if that is why the crowds buzzed with cheer today and tonight, but it wasn’t just the Tinto in the air! 😉

After our afternoon of crowd watching, we headed home for a late lunch, had a lazy late afternoon / early evening and then walked up to Europa Road to watch the spectacular fireworks, more on those tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “National Day – Gibraltar

  1. excellent blog, dont worry about the border, closing, it will make the community even tighter. I lived there for 2 years when the border was closed. Best time of my life 🙂


    1. Thank you Michael, what a lovely comment to start my day with! 🙂

      I just worry for my friends who travel over every day for work. They have moved their whole families over for a better life and now this is happening :-/
      I just hope that Madrid finds another way to distract its people and leaves us alone!


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