National Day Fireworks – Gibraltar

My absolute favourite part of National Day is the fireworks. I didn’t get any good shots last year, but I am secretly thrilled with what I got this year, even though I chopped the top off of most of the fire works as I didn’t bring the right lens with me… My bad. After missing the balloon release earlier in the day I dragged Dad and Mr BotR out of the apartment at least forty minutes before the fireworks were due to start. I wanted a good view and somewhere to perch my lens!

We stood where we did last year. Just by the old casino on Europa Road, and we were soon joined by numerous neighbours and other like-minded souls!

I love organised displays. I don’t love fireworks when they are being handled by idiots, children or idiot children which seems to happen a lot in the UK. Plus being about 150 metres above where they are going off is ideal for me. All the noise and all the colour with none of the ‘will I get burnt alive?’ paranoia.

The fireworks were released from the southern end of the Detached Mole. If you happen to live in the row of houses that make up the sea wall at Queensway Quay, please befriend me so I can ‘man-up’ next year and get some amazing shots from your garden. Alternatively anyone in Kings Wharf facing the Bay towards Morocco, INVITE ME OVER! Haha. Thanks in advance 😉 The display started at around 1030 and went on for about twenty minutes. They were so pretty and so loud. There was a little girl of about four who only just ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaahhed’ more than me. They really were very good fireworks. Role on next year!

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