Tarifa Castle – Tarifa – Spain

We have visited Tarifa several times now and it is only on this last visit have we managed to gain access to the castle! At €2 per adult to enter, this isn’t a place to be missed. More fool me for leaving it so long! The building has been there forever I want to say 960 something. Possibly years, or that could be the year. I wasn’t paying full attention to the information boards because I was too busy wandering around being nosey and taking pictures from the many ‘viewing platforms’. (Or are they look out posts, or even the place people used to fire arrows from or pour boiling oil off of? Or is that a made up thing from Hollywood?) Anyway what I will say is the info boards have been translated into English via Google translate, so although you get the gist of what is being said it is a bit jumbled up as well. That is an amazing tool, but it never comes out 100% does it?

The views across Tarifa and the sea (when the clouds aren’t being spoil sports) are incredible from here, and the castle has now been re-purposed in that it houses a gallery full of amazing art. It is modern and quirky and the room it is exhibited in is very cooling and tranquil and there are no cameras allowed, so I have for once left you to see something fresh with your own eyes! 😉

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