The East of Gibraltar

The Levante cloud was really dense yesterday so I decided to take Dad around to the Eastern side of Gibraltar in the vain hope we’d get a bit of sunshine. This theory would have proved fruitful had we not gotten waylaid in town. One coffee and sandwich each later, a visit to the library and very quick and cursory glance at Mango and we started our walk up Devil’s Tower Road. The wind. Oh my goodness, the wind. It was like nature was trying to sweep the street clean and we were being taken for the ride. I swear I nearly lost my footing on a couple of occasions….

We got to the top of the road and I showed Dad where the Polish War Memorial used to be, then we carried on round to Catalan Bay. The wind was whipping up the sea. A definite red flag day! There were a couple of guys surfing though, it was most definitely the weather for it, and there were a few hardy souls playing on the beach. And there were an abundance of gulls, squawking and flapping about. We stopped for a diet coke at Sea Wave, a cute little pub / bar place on the promenade and sat outside to take in the crashing waves and squealing baby gulls. I love baby gulls, they are enormous and yet so ‘baby bird’ in their movements, the way they whistle when their parents go off is just too cute.

The sun was out, but by the time we had gotten around to the East it was being hidden by the Rock, still it lit up the Levante and made it nice and pretty to look at! After our coke we walked back, but not before being asked for directions to the Upper Rock. We need signs all over Gibraltar to direct people to the apes. Honestly wherever I go it is always those furry little guys that people want to see!! Amusingly it was my Dad who gave the directions, complete with road names and opening times. I tell you he is a human Tomtom / tourist board!! 😉

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