Our new walk – Upper Rock – Gibraltar

So as a child I spent hundreds, possibly thousands of hours every year walking with my parents. We were blessed to have Hatfield Park right on our doorstep and also being based in Hertfordshire, we had lots of countryside to amble around in! So when we moved here I knew I would spend a lot of time exploring the Rock, and taking in the sights and sounds Gibraltar has to offer. I thought I was doing quite well as well, well that was until my Dad showed up for this years holiday! He has put me to shame. Not only has he shown me several short cuts from where we are in the South District into Main Street, he has revealed the location of several ‘familiar-from-Facebook’ buildings / passageways / churches! Honestly it makes me wonder exactly what I have been doing with my spare time.

This week Mr BotR had Friday off from work, so we took an amazing walk up the Rock. Amazing because we walked / hiked across parts we have never seen before and we do walk up there a bit. This is definitely a sturdy shoe walk in my opinion, not so much as the Med Steps but it demands effort and big bottle of water!

We started by heading into town, then along Prince Edward Road until we joined Flat Bastion Road, where we took the steps at Devils Gap Road. At the moment they (the steps) are in full National Day regalia and look awesome. There we climbed the multicoloured steps all the way up, and joined on to the newly (I am not sure when it was refurbished, but the path and fence look very new) refurbished path. Walking this route allowed us to take in so much, from Devils Gap Battery and the Apes Den, we saw different views of Gibraltar, and then we carried along until we got to Royal Anglian Way.

The views from Royal Anglian Way are amazing. Of course I had the camera. And of course I delayed our progress by stopping and taking a million pictures. But honestly this walk is going in my top five of Gibraltar walks. You get so see a bit of Upper Town, then lots of the Rock, there are monkeys and some off-road parts which are just spectacular. Along Royal Anglian way are loads of historical points of interest, batteries, chimneys, vents… there really is all sorts of stuff. At Rooke Battery Mr BotR found a 303 bullet casing, which we are guessing has been there since WW2. Pretty amazing stuff!

Anyway after the hike of Royal Anglian Way we descended towards Jews Gate and strolled home through the South District. Honestly I can’t wait to take the same walk again. It is just so pretty!

4 thoughts on “Our new walk – Upper Rock – Gibraltar

  1. Lovely pictures. I got back from Gibraltar yesterday and remember the stairs and the apes den. We have had a wonderful time there! (Pictures are following on my blog soon!)


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