The Mediterranean Steps – Gibraltar

This Sunday we went for a ‘taxing walk’. That is how one of the guys on the gate described it to myself and Mr BotR the first time we tackled it. That was well over a year ago, and we did it without drinks. We had no idea what the ‘Med Steps’ were but we had been told that there were amazing views. By the time we reached the top, I thought I might die.

This Sunday was pretty hot, the Levante was making the air really sticky, but we thought we might as well give it a go. As we got to Jews Gate, one of the guys there asked if we were trying to kill off my Dad, which made us laugh, he was like “I’ll call the Police if you aren’t down in an hour or so”. An hour or so? Seriously? I am guessing we look healthier than we really are!

So we started off. We came prepared this time. Mr BotR was in charge of a rucksack containing 4.5 litres of water. And we also brought some change with us to pop into the cabin at St Michael’s caves and refuel!

We did OK. Dad got really hot. So we kept him well watered, and we took regular breaks, hiding from the sun in the caves, the foliage and the little tunnel along the way. We stopped to look at some of the WW2 buildings and saw a lot of lizards and birds, it was pretty awesome. We all admired the view of the Levante cloud clinging to the top of the Rock.

The steps themselves are scary as hell. Even if you are an experienced hiker, the polished finish (lots of feet have walked here!) on some of the stones leaves you slipping and sliding all over the place, which isn’t ideal when the place you are going to land is 200 metres down! There are rope ‘balustrades’ to get a grip on, but I wouldn’t rely too heavily on them, as a few of the newel posts are a little wobbly. They are great for keeping your balance, rather than taking your weight.

There is an extraordinary feeling of achievement when you reach the peak of the Rock and look down and see how far you have come. On a clear day you can see for miles, this Sunday was slightly cloudy, so the view was good, but not blow your mind good! So we looked for a few minutes then began our walk down. Which in my honest opinion is just a tough as walking up!

As I said it’s just a short walk down to the Cabin at St Michael’s caves, where you can load up again on chocolate / food / drinks / souvenirs. I had a Snickers, as did Dad, whilst we were at the shop, Mr BotR had a Cadbury’s Whole Nut, he very nearly lost it, because instead of putting the bar inside of his bag, he left it in the mesh front pocket, and one of our furry friends, tried and failed (swift reactions from Mr BotR) to grab it as he left to walk down the hill home! I swear those apes are just getting cheekier and more intelligent by the minute!

Tips for the Med Steps:

  • Take plenty of water / fluids. Keep hydrated, even in the winter.
  • Take a phone, just in case!
  • Wear a hat, even on cloudy days the sun can get you.
  • Wear sun screen.
  • Make sure you wear supportive, comfortable shoes, this is not flip-flop terrain!

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