Our Upper Town walkabout.

Confession time. I might have mentioned before how bad my sense of direction is? Even here, with the massive chunk of land that the Rock is, to be my guide, I can still get lost. I hate being lost. So I have never really ventured to Upper Town Gibraltar. The tiny winding roads, passages and steps, they look gorgeous, and are gorgeous, but they also have the ability to fry my brain. Now as my Dad is here I knew we would go exploring. He is a human Tomtom. Information on roads seems to flow into and out of him as easy as breathing. It is crazy. It was also kind of embarrassing when he was like, well we turn left here, go up and then we are at the Moorish Castle. I was just nodding along. My Dad who has spent a total of thirteen days (that’s last years trip as well) in Gibraltar, knows his way around better than me. Oh my.

The views we saw yesterday were amazing. Just so awesome and now I have been shown the way, I will make that one of my regular walking routes. Also I don’t know if any of you guys follow this blog on Twitter, but yesterday I found some escalators from Upper Town down to the back of Main Street. This was totally unexpected for me. I felt like I was in Lost. I was just waiting for a Polar bear to jump out on me. Seriously, this part of Gibraltar is so old and pretty and then wham, there are these escalators! It is genius, and may I ask the government to install some on Europa Road. Thanks in advance! 😉

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