Today for lunch…

So my dad is here for his annual trip 🙂 He arrived yesterday, his flight was initially diverted over to Malaga as the fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything at all down by the airport. His plane sat on the runway there for over an hour while we waited at Gibraltar airport. It took all my self-control not to go and scream at the clouds covering the runway to shove off and bother somewhere else! Lol. This picture was taken on my Blackberry, but it was actually foggier than the picture denotes!BSGdztLCcAE8yW8.jpg large

After the wait, we got the good news, he was going take off again and come in to land at Gibraltar, he arrived two and half hours late, but at least he was there, all in one piece and remarkably chipper! His relief at not being coached down from Malaga to Gibraltar was immense. I can’t say I blame him. So yesterday we had a chilled day, catching up on sleep (5am check in at London Luton) and a lazy dinner followed by a walk through the Botanic Gardens.

Today Mr BotR had work, so Dad and I went out for lunch and for a stroll to see the Garrison Library. He loved the library and loved lunch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis dish was grilled Mediterranean vegetables with pesto, feta cheese and tagliatelle, it was delicious and one of the special orders of the day at The Kitchen. I’ve linked to a search that shows a couple of my other posts about the gloriously yummy food this lovely little cafe serves up. This is the Facebook page, check them out and if you get the chance, visit!

4 thoughts on “Today for lunch…

  1. Looks pretty much like what I cooked last night, sin pesto.

    Your dad would have been in gib faster had they laid on a bus.

    Fast bus from Málaga bus station, with a stop in Estepona takes an hour and a half.


    1. He had luggage in the hold though, so he would have had to stay on until Monarch sorted out a coach… Or so he was told by the air stewardess. Quite handy to know that it only takes and hour and half though, not that much longer than if you drive yourself…


      1. There’s only the one bus that does that, 1100 hrs. I mentioned it to show that if a bus has no/few stops then it can be a fast journey.

        You must drive fast! No way do we do it in that time.


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