Ocean Village Craft Fair – Gibraltar

Yesterday saw myself and some friends brave the border queue, we were very lucky in that we didn’t get caught in traffic at all, and on my way back into Gibraltar I hopped out of the car and popped by the craft fair in Ocean Village. I wanted goats cheese and thankfully I snagged the last jar from Binky’s Kitchen stall. I also picked up some walnut, pear and sultana preserve. I haven’t opened either yet, but I can not wait to do so!

Annoyingly I forgot my camera. Well I had my phone with me, so I snapped away on that, but I really wish I could have gotten better pictures of some of the things I saw. The fair was definitely bigger, with more stalls than the last time I went by, and more variety, whilst there were a few stalls selling toys and other things you might well be able to pick up in a shop, there were some very unique things on offer as well.

2013-08-08 17.53.19 2013-08-08 17.53.31 2013-08-08 17.53.39

I absolutely adored these mice. How cute are they? PJ holders, door stops and accessories holders. I don’t know if it is down to the fact I grew up on re-runs of The Clangers but I wanted to get one. (I didn’t, but I am thinking of a reason as to why I need one. I could easily justify a door stop, the wind is crazy at the moment…) This is the link to the Facebook group of the lady (the very talented Marissa Zarb) behind the mice.

Next up was the awesome cup cakes at ‘For Goodness Cakes’ stall. I did wait till I got home to eat mine. (I also purchased one for the husband, and showed enough self-control not to eat it!) So there is a good picture of the cake!

2013-08-08 17.48.27OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHonestly the cake was amazing, moist, full of flavour and not at all sickly, I could have probably eaten both of them! And this is the link to the Facebook page. It is well worth having a look at, especially if you are local and are in the market for an awesome cake!

Last but not least was Binky’s Kitchen. Goats cheese. Glorious goats cheese! I have sampled several things from Binky now, and not one has been anything other than deliciously yummy. It is also worth noting that a lot of Binky’s products are organic and as I heard her explaining to a customer, some are so low in sugar they are fine for diabetic diets as well. Check her products out on Facebook.

2013-08-08 17.44.09

Goats cheese in olive oil and thyme. Yum.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also at the craft fair was Jenny, of Jenny’s Jewels. I would have stopped to have a chat but she was surrounded by customers! Which is no bad thing, as it was great to see so many people interested in her beautiful creations. There were many new additions to her collection, and I have to say it looked as though she was going to be having a very successful evening! Which she very much deserves 🙂

2013-08-08 17.51.55 2013-08-08 17.52.19

So after having a brief snoop at the other stalls, (the soaps really caught my eye, as did the little bird houses) I caught the bus home! Not a bad way to while away an hour or so!

2 thoughts on “Ocean Village Craft Fair – Gibraltar

  1. Wouldn’t let me comment earlier so trying again. Brave of you to risk the possible queues at the border, hope you’d taken lots of water with you just in case. I see that nice Mr Cameron is send a flotilla of Royal Navy warships to Gibraltar.

    From the Independent Newspaper “A fleet of British warships will visit Gibraltar this month in what Prime Minister David Cameron calls a “routine deployment”, amid escalating tensions between the UK and Spain over access to the island.”

    Its not an island – stupid reporter.

    Oh yes, is goats cheese hard to get in Gib, or was that a special sort you bought from the market ?


    1. It showed up both comments, so I got rid of the first one! I purchased a packet of crisps and a diet coke, and phoned ahead to see what the wait time was! We were so lucky, about half an hour after we got back the GC started being twerps again and the queue went from normal (ten minutes) to two hours plus. It really is awful.
      I have heard about the warships. Every summer we get them come over, I am almost certain on that, I wonder if this has just coincided with this political issue?
      As far as I know, goats cheese is easy to get hold of, but this cheese is made locally and by hand and comes in irregular chunks and is stored in olive oil and thyme, it is just the best!


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