The Queues…


Flying back into Gib yesterday we were sat next to a lovely young guy who was visiting for the first time. He was flying over with a gang or troop(?) of Air Cadets. I think it is troop. Anyway he wasn’t fully aware of the kerfuffle going on at the border. The group he is travelling with have numerous Gibraltar based activities planned but there was also talk of going into Spain to water parks etc.

The queues when we flew out were bad, really bad. Like working shifts long. It is just awful. I am not for a minute going to pretend that the tips I am going to note down in this blog will change the world, but oh my goodness I can’t believe how many people get caught out.

Firstly do not leave home without a drink. I am not talking whisky (although that could help if you get stuck during the evening, that is quite obviously a joke btw, I do not advocate drink driving in any circumstance!) I am talking big fat huge gallon sized bottles of water. Warm water, is better than zero water. Also I would say to bring some kind of snack, even if it is a bland as a biscuit or cracker, something to nibble on, that wont wilt or sweat. Next up is reading material or a tablet / lap top / phone or something to stop you going crazy, also remember a charger.

If you can ditch your car and walk across do so. As far as I know there have been no delays to people travelling on foot. Gibraltar is a pocket-sized paradise. The transport system starts right at the border pretty much, the number 5 bus will take you to the Market Place and from there the whole of Gibraltar is accessible by bus / taxi.

If you are in Gibraltar on holiday and want to visit Spain can I recommend hiring a car from the Spanish side of the border, rather than the Gib side, this will prevent you getting caught in any queues. We often use Marbesol. Sure lugging the kids and stuff across the frontier can be a pain, but it isn’t worse than getting caught in a six-hour traffic jam. At the moment I think the queues are operating on a three-hour wait on the Spanish side, with an hour or so on the Gibraltar side, which is a third of the time my poor friend got stuck with a fortnight ago, without a drink or bite to eat!

There are a few helplines / websites that tell you the queue on the Gibraltar side Frontier Queue Live will show the queue from a few angles so you can judge it for yourself, it doesn’t however show you what the queue is like coming in. The helpline number is 00 350 20042777 again this number only gives you the Gibraltar based information. Twitter is an amazing tool in this instance. Just search #GibFrontier or follow Royal Gib Police for more info. Or follow them on Facebook.

As for the rumours of trying to charge €50 to enter Gibraltar, I have absolutely no idea if they are true. I am fairly sure they are just an insane pipe dream of some Spanish government official. Either way, I think it will apply to car drivers rather than foot traffic, so just park your car in La Linea and walk over!

Good luck! And I hope you don’t let this nonsense and bullying put you off visiting this wonderful part of the world!

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