Sacarellos – Irish Town – Gibraltar

So lets talk about cake. I have to say I consider myself quite an expert in cake. It features on a regular basis in my diet. And I have now sampled a few (but have only remembered to take a couple of pictures, my bad) of the cakes Sacarellos have to offer. The choices vary daily. I don’t know where they get them from, or even if they make them in-house, all I know is they are amazing.

My first cake at Sacarellos was a coffee cake with nuts. The second was huge slice of Black Forest Gateau, which was moist, fluffy and delicious. I have had carrot cake, which was also amazing. My most recent treat though was a chocolate sponge with mint cream filling and a chocolate drizzle top. It was very good. It was also quite sickly, and I will confess I very nearly had to consign myself to being beaten by a cake, but I am made of tougher stuff and I won (in the end).

The coffee here is very good and they also have the best fresh orange juice around. I find myself quite transfixed by the machine that peels and pulps the fruit as you watch. Oh my. As you walk in the door there is a fridge that also homes soft drinks and some sandwiches, so an entire lunch can be purchased here, there is also a ‘back part’ (or possibly a restaurant as some people call it!) to Sacarellos that I am yet to investigate. That might be my job this week…

However if you do find yourself in need of a cake fix…. well these guys will not disappoint!

Sacarello’s Gibraltar

57 Irish Town,


Telephone: 00 350 20070625


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