Tourist Saturday

So yesterday I had the pleasure of showing a friend the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. He is here in Gibraltar with work, and we originally know him from our time living in Malta, but he is actually from Sweden and has never been to Gibraltar before! He hadn’t up until yesterday seen any apes, or really seen much of Gibraltar at all.

We met at the border and walked back into town to get a taxi tour up the Rock. Normally I prefer to walk it, but yesterday was so hot, that I just couldn’t face it! As I have my ID card, I didn’t have to pay the full price for the tour (£10 of the price is the entrance into all of the sights on the Upper Rock) which I was pleased about. Nice to be able to save some pennies where you can!

First stop on the tour is the Pillars of Hercules. Which look out over the South District and beyond that Morocco. If you have a good zoom on your camera, you can also look right into the apartments of Clifftop House. Not that I meant to do that, but residents of Clifftop House, may I advise you to draw your curtains. Ahem.

Next up were the St. Michael’s Caves. The changes inside of the caves are brilliant. Wider walkways. A lift for disabled / elderly visitors for attending the concerts held there. The upper and lower parts of the cave are both open now, and the steps and things are all illuminated without ruining the look of the caves themselves. I would like to say though, don’t go down to the lower level unless you have strong legs. Those stairs seem never-ending! I lost count…

Then we went on to where the apes live. Not the Apes Den, but their feeding area, right on the top of the Rock. I do like them. However they were being really naughty yesterday. Fighting, screeching and running around that I kept my distance. I wont lie I have changed how I feel about them, since they pulled my hair and stole my chocolate. And again I would to reiterate I wasn’t UP THE ROCK when this occurred. This happened on Main Street, in full view of a bus load of tourists. Oh the shame. Lol. But they are great fun to watch. From inside of the taxi. With the windows done up. I’m kidding. Although our driver did sneak a lone peanut to a one ‘teenage’ monkey who promptly sat on the wing mirror and refused to budge until he got another one! The view from where the apes were gadding about was just beautiful. And although there was a small amount of haze, you could still see for miles along the coast of Spain, Morocco was shrouded in mist though.

Next up on our tour was the Great Siege Tunnels. I do enjoy these tunnels. Perhaps not for the reason intended, but because they are home to the most aggressive waxwork in history. Anyone who goes there with me, always falls foul of the ‘Gate Keeper’ wax work, who hollers “Halt who goes there” so loudly that on each occasion I have taken someone to see him, they always jump out of their skin. It never gets old. The tunnels also afford you some fabulous views of the Spanish coastline, especially if you luck out and get a clear sky like we did. Ah I do love playing at being a tourist!

Below are some pictures from the tour.

(None of the caves. I have yet to work out what setting I need to put my camera on. I will dig out the manual and work it out soon, I promise!)


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