Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park – Gibraltar

So today was ZOO DAY. Not a national or global or Hallmark holiday, but one I created just for me! Since the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park has reopened I have been meaning to pop by, I knew from the last time I went I would need a good hour or so with my camera, so I have been waiting for a window of time where I didn’t need to be elsewhere!

The wildlife park is at the top end of the Alameda Gardens, pretty much ‘underneath’ where the old Gala Casino was based. The number 3 bus and number 2 bus both serve the road you need, should you want to visit it. I would say if you aren’t weighed down with push chairs or bags that getting off the bus at Mamma Mia’s restaurant is the best way, a gentle walk through the gardens then lots of fun watching the monkeys and other animals! But the bus stop opposite Engineer Road is the closest, ask the driver to shout it out, if you don’t know where that is!

Anyway I am so glad I went. I love animals and the park looks so very different. The enclosures are all modernised and look so much more fun for their residents. The new addition to the park are the lemurs and their enclosure allows you to walk through and be with them. I was quite chicken at first, not wanting to go in with my bag and shopping, although after speaking to the keeper there he assured me that lemurs are not grabby little twits (my words, not his) like Barbary Apes. ( I haven’t forgiven them for pulling my hair and stealing my Cadbury’s buttons in Main Street a few weeks back. Little gits!) So in I went! The enclosure has a walk way all the way through it, and the lemurs are curious enough to get up and have a look at you, but then they kind of just leave you to it! It was so awesome to get that close and they were so chilled out, and their little faces are so expressive as well. I am well and truly smitten.

I also spent a bit of time with ‘Jumbo’ the parrot. It was quite a comical moment when he said “hello” and I spent a while looking around for someone ‘doing’ a parrot voice trying to make me look a bit mental. But no it was him. Clever old bird! Alas as he was so far back in his space I couldn’t get a great shot of him. No fear I shall return there and try again, but his brilliant blue plumage was just beautiful.

Anyway I shall just let the pictures I did get do the talking for me. But let me urge you to visit very soon!

Opening hours Monday – Sunday 1000 – 1700 (1645 is the last entrance time)

Entrance fee: Adults £5

Children £2.50

Children under 5 free entry.

(Year passes can be purchased for £40, this allows two adults and two children as many visits as they want for that year period.)

AWCP Website

Telephone: 00 350 20041235 or 00 350 54017449


2 thoughts on “Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park – Gibraltar

  1. Aww the apes are so cute!!! 🙂 How long will it take us to see the top of the rock and the zoo? And do they let people touch the apes (with the yellow eyes)? Lovely pictures you got!


    1. Hi Suze!
      There are several ways to see the Rock. One is through a Taxi tour. Which last about 45 – 120 minutes depending on traffic and passengers. These can be found along Main Street and this will get you into the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, and will show you the Pillars of Hercules, the St. Michaels caves, and the Siege Tunnels. The drivers don’t stop at the castle or the ‘City under Siege’ exhibit though. The other way is via the cable car, which gets you right to the top of the Rock, but then you have to walk one way to see the caves, apes den and pillars, then all the way back to see the Siege Tunnels and castle and ‘City under Siege’ exhibit. Alternatively you can walk the entire thing. This will take you about 4-5 hours, depending on fitness, how long you stop at each ‘attraction’. To use the cable car it will take you longer than just walking all the way, as you have to go over previous ground. You could break your Rock visit into two? And do one half one day, and the other half the other day. It just means you have to pay the entrance fee of £10 (adults) twice, this fee does go toward maintaining the Upper Rock and looking after the apes, the entrance fee also covers a visit to the 100 Ton Gun, which is well worth a look at as well!
      The Zoo is just past The Rock Hotel, the prices for that are on my post, the zoo itself isn’t massive so you could see it all in an hour, but the enclosure where the Lemurs live is awesome and they will come and sit with you, so I ended up spending about 35 minutes in there, taking pictures and watching them!
      The Barbary Apes, will touch you, don’t approach them, and regardless of what you see other people doing, don’t feed them. If you take a taxi up the Rock, your driver will get the apes to do silly stuff, because they are fairly familiar with them, but it is worth remember they are wild. It might not seem like it, but they are! And they can be very mean! Lol


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