Police Dog Display – Convent Gardens Open Day – Gibraltar 2013

One of my favourite parts of the Convent Gardens open day was the display put on by the Police, with their amazing dogs. Now I wont lie I am a big fan of dogs in general. But dogs that actually hold down jobs just fill me with joy, seriously I don’t know why, but if I see them at the airport or in the street it just makes me smile. Clever little puppies!

Anyway… not only are these super talented pooches a vital part of the Police team, they are trained to be able sniff out illegal ‘things’ (drugs and cigarettes), find lost people, and apprehend criminals. The Policeman in charge of the display who I gather is their trainer nearly made me cry when he told us (the assembled crowd) about how dogs have been killed in the past, by people hitting them with lumps of wood with nails in or iron bars! What kind of ass does that? I hate them. I don’t need to meet them to know I want them to go to prison forever. I can not abide people who hurt animals.

So we watched the dogs in ‘attack mode’ the control they have over a situation, how they read their handlers body movement and language, the bond between them and the handler is incredible. We were amused and entertained when they sniffed out cigarettes, and we were slightly scared when the dogs and handlers showed us their ‘crowd control’. All of these tasks have been taught with a reward system. The reward? A squishy red ball. Seriously! So no excuses now for ‘Rover’ not sitting and staying! 😉

4 thoughts on “Police Dog Display – Convent Gardens Open Day – Gibraltar 2013

  1. Did you see Paddy the drug sniffing Spaniel in action, or wasn’t he allowed the day off. He was on the TV last night, checking the passengers arriving at Gib airport for drugs. He detected one person with only a small amount of cannabis on him for personal use, which would not have been much of an offence in the UK and another guy who admitted he smoked a joint an hour before leaving for Gatwick and who had no drugs on him at all.

    Clever little Paddy. I thought of your blog as his reward was a white coloured squeezy ball for play with!


    1. Hahaha. Nope he was clearly on the front line Blu!

      I genuinely find it hard to work out what I adore more, dogs with jobs, or dogs who stick their heads out of car windows like they are running instead of passengers. Too adorable. 😀


  2. What great pictures–I’ve never seen a live demonstration. We have a lot of working dogs here too, mostly ’employed’ by the Border Patrol. When you stop at a checkpoint an agent walks around your car with a dog. And the best part is that not all the dogs are purebreds, they train rescue dogs too. I have nothing but respect for the handlers and the dogs. I just want to reach out and pet their cute heads but that’s a no no (the dog’s not the agent’s–but the agents can be pretty cute too!)

    Did you read about the blind man who recently fell onto the track in the NYC subway and his dog saved his life?


    1. I didn’t hear about the guy getting saved. Animals are just the best. I adore working dogs. Dogs with jobs. Amazing. If you ever get the chance to see the dogs doing a demonstration you will really enjoy it. They are just so clever. They switch from friendly bouncing pooches into trained sniffers or riot control dogs. I can’t imagine how much care goes into making them as brilliant as they are!


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