Convent Gardens Open Day – Gibraltar 2013

So Saturday 29th of June saw the annual Convent Gardens open day. This is the second time I have visited and I enjoyed it just as much as my first visit as these gardens really are somewhere special. This year I had more time to look around, and I also had Mr BotR for company! As I had seen the house before I made sure that Mr BotR got a good look. Call me nosey (I am) but is there anything more fun than looking at other peoples homes? Erm no!

This year in the Ballroom we saw a fabulous art exhibition by a few local artists. I am going to do a separate post about that, as the pieces were fabulous and deserve their own mention! But what a fabulous place to be able to exhibit. Really fantastic and with a pianist playing away in the background too!

There were a lot of stalls for local charities in the Convent Cloister and in the gardens themselves. The Red Cross were selling Christmas cards, which we bought a few packs of (novelty cat / dog / reindeer pictures, what can I say? I’m helpless to resist!) as it is good cause and not only that, Christmas cards are always sent out late from our house, so this year we are prepared! Haha.

There was a lot of entertainment on this year. The Royal Gibraltar Regiment Cadet Band played and marched on the lawns, and there was a display by the Police with their dogs. Again I am going to do another post on that, because well dogs with jobs! Need I say more?

So the gardens. We strolled along, with garden envy. That is the only bit of living in an apartment I don’t like, no green space to call my own, sure I have a nice big balcony, but no grass! Ok so when I was in the UK I never actually did proper gardening, that is after all what Dads are for. But I grew things. Like mint, OK that grew itself, after my mum planted it, but I loved my garden. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the sun, watching the butterflies and bees flit about with the sun on your face. So essentially we did that for a while. And it was blissful. Roll on the next open day! 😀


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