Montagu Tapas – Chatham Countergaurd – Gibraltar

Last night the husband and I couldn’t be bothered to cook, so we sauntered into town for some food at Montagu Tapas. As it was quite blustery outside we sat indoors and perused the menu. What to eat? What not to eat really in our case, having been here many times before I always find myself ordering my favourite dishes, however I have of late become quite fond of goats cheese, so I had a couple of goats cheese dishes to start with, whilst the husband had a montadito. For the first time I actually remembered my camera. So you can all drool over what we had. Except the montadito as the husband hoovered it up very quickly! Haha.

Both of the goats cheese dishes (a suspiro and divino) were amazing. The contrast of the tomato and fig jam with the goats cheese was just perfection and I have had the caramelised onion and goats cheese one before, and again it was delicious. After we had munched our way through our cheese and meat feast, we were given a fruit platter, which was perfect as we had just discussed going elsewhere for dessert. This was on the house. Which was a very nice touch I have to say!

I have said it before, but I shall say it again, Montagu Tapas is by far the best tapas in Gibraltar. YUM.

Montagu Tapas Bar

Tel: +350 200 64400  

Where: Chatham Counterguard, Fishmarket Lane, Gibraltar.


2 thoughts on “Montagu Tapas – Chatham Countergaurd – Gibraltar

  1. Has that fruit platter got a couple of fish eyes at the back!! I like goats cheese too, often add it to risotto a few mins before serving so it melts right in.


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