Frigiliana – Spain – The Villa and views!

This past week one of my dear friends and her lovely husband rented a villa in Frigiliana, which is on the Costa Del Sol, about forty five minutes drive from Malaga. They invited us (Mr BotR and I) to come and stay. Alas work commitments meant we could only do a day trip, but I can not express how glad we are, that we made that trip.

The drive itself looked long but quite simple. We of course managed to miss the vital fork in the road, which added an additional forty minutes to our drive there. I wont take the blame. I might have downloaded the directions from Google Maps, but I didn’t sign post the roads. Anyway we eventually got there. Our friends had kindly driven down from the villa, to meet us, and we followed them back. Our noble steed for the day was a Fiat 500. Oh that little car, how it struggled with the hills. Upon arriving at our destination we couldn’t actually get it to go up the sloped driveway of the villa, so it got parked just below, and out of the way of any traffic.

The roads that led up to the villa made my head spin. They were hardly wide enough for one vehicle to drive along, and people had to pass one another! I wont lie there were a few moments where screaming seemed imminent. Once we got there though it was well worth it.

The villa looks out over Frigiliana and Nerja as it is nestled away up in the National Park. It is surrounded by countryside and is not overlooked by anyone. It has its own pool, a beautiful garden full of flowers and fruit trees and a part shaded terrace where we enjoyed a lunch, cooked on the outdoor oven / BBQ. Inside the main room, one half is given over to the kitchen and dining area the other half is the lounge, with a television and stereo and DVD player. The décor was super cute, and it had two bedrooms, so if we had been able to stay it wouldn’t have been an issue. (Sigh.) Also for those of you who have company phones, this divine bolt-hole has hardly any phone coverage, so it really is bliss! 😉 In the evening we drove down to the ‘town’ (it feels way more like a village to me!) area to get dinner before making our way back home. In short it was an awesome day, and one that we hope to repeat!

5 thoughts on “Frigiliana – Spain – The Villa and views!

    1. He doesn’t. Because we don’t have a car, and for the most part Google maps is great. It is the road signs in Spain. I am passing the blame I know, but they are so tiny or so close to the exit that by the time you’ve read them you’ve gone by the turning you need! Which is what went down on Friday last week… tsk tsk!


      1. I’m sure it wasn’t your fault. Nasty Spanish people not making decent sized road signs!!


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