Calentita – Gibraltar

So yesterday was Calentita. As a person who very much does food I was in full on eating mode. (I had just a lone piece of cake during the day to sustain me!) So I  saved a lot of space for all of the yummy (for me that means no pork) dishes that would be available.

So what did I eat? Noodles with vegetable spring rolls. Cous Cous with Moroccan chicken. CAKE (brownies and a slice of lemon cake). Stuffed vine leaves with a yoghurt dressing. And I purchased some amazing strawberry jam from Binky’s Kitchen and some mixed pepper chutney which I am going to try out very soon! If you are in or around Gibraltar on a Sunday, pop to the little market in Ocean Village and get yourself some! You will not be disappointed. My toast this morning was amazing! I am going to buy more that is for sure. Or follow her on Facebook so you can see when and where she will next be selling from.

The mix of cuisines was just incredible, there was Indian food, Chinese food, Nepalese food, Italian food, Filipino food, Gibraltarian food, English dessert, Real Ale, Moroccan food (the queue on that stand was SO long it was crazy) and many more!

The crowd was immense and so densely packed. I have seen Casemates Square busy before, but nothing like this. On our way out of the event we went through Casemates gates to Corral Road and discovered a load of little stalls with all sorts of things for sale, clothing, jewellery, novelty items. I wish I had thought to take a picture, but alas I was at this point barrel-shaped and full of food! So alas no photo evidence of the things you could buy there.

My favourite part of the event (other than eating!) was that all of the community, no matter what age or religion came together. This is the first year it has been held on a Saturday, this meant we got to see many faces from the Jewish community as well, which was great. I think one of the best things about Gibraltar is the racial diversity, Calentita really celebrates that by offering all different types of food from all over the world, bringing people together and just having fun watching the entertainment, chatting, singing and dancing along. Children were running around till super late, in fact I am sure many stayed up later than I did! As we left at around 11pm, meaning we missed the fireworks, which I am gutted about, but a friend saw them and said they were awesome!

So if you went, what was your favourite part?


11 thoughts on “Calentita – Gibraltar

  1. The Sunday Ocean Village market is 10-5 every Sunday, there are a wide variety of stalls from Binky’s kitchen (my favourite too at the Calentita) to handmade paintings and needlework by KeShuni , silver and jewellery, retro gifts, handmade bracelets and anklets by Beadilixus, toys, oriental clothing, collectables and lots more!


    1. Yeah it really is very good fun. I know it is held, by the people, for the people, but it would be so good to get it out there, and have people from other countries come and see it!!! 🙂 (It is the smell of the food that gets me every time!)


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