Jenny’s Jewels – Artisans in Gibraltar

For those of you who stop by this blog on a regular basis, you will know that I have mentioned Jenny’s Jewels before, (in the post about one of our best boutiques here in Gibraltar, Chique Boutique) today I was lucky enough to spend time and have a natter with, the lovely Jenny herself. It is always nice to meet new people, especially people who are so motivated, creative and solution driven.

One of the things I was most curious about was how Jenny got started with her business. It came about because of necessity. Jenny was attending a special event; the dress Jenny was going to wear was proving impossible to match accessories too. So an idea was born. Why should she not make her own?

It was while she was in attendance at this event that a fellow guest voiced her admiration for Jenny’s new jewellery. Asking where she had gotten it from, Jenny explained that she had in fact designed and created it herself. Her first commission was born. That was in September of 2010 and things have only gotten better and busier since then.

With two outlets now selling her pieces in Gibraltar, a website that gives her a global reach and a Facebook page where people can get in contact to have special designs commissioned Jenny is now busier than ever. The addition of supplying Sapphiro in Main Street as well as Chique Boutique in Ocean Village, has given Jenny the opportunity to create bolder designs and also has created something of a new business venture for the owners of Sapphiro who are going to be supplying her with custom made polymer beads, each one hand made and completely unique. (It has also given all of the visitors to Gibraltar an even better chance of getting their hands on some of her awesome designs!)

When I asked Jenny what aspect of Jenny’s Jewels keeps her busiest I was surprised when she told me that it is actually sourcing the beads for her creations. This means she can spend hours looking for suppliers, and has led to working collaborations with a few other crafts people: Eli’s Dreams, Artisan Flower Beads by Elise Canning and Lucy’s Sweet Beads.

Being new(ish) to Gibraltar I asked if there was a craft scene here and although Jenny doesn’t have the time to dedicate to it (her business and family occupying her day), she told me it is thriving, with meetings and markets in and around Casemates, so if you are new to Gibraltar and the surrounding area, and wish to get involved or start something up, popping to the art and crafts centre on the upper level of Casemates is a good way to get in contact with like minded people.

For anyone who follows or checks out Jenny’s Jewels page on Facebook you will be able to see that Jenny is a fan of colours. I am always curious as to what inspires a person. For some people looking at a flower, it is just that, but for Jenny the same flower can be the trigger that sets off a series of beautiful pieces. She told me about a holiday spent in Greece and that when she came home she found herself creating white and blue pieces with swirling shells, having been inspired by the clean lines, natural beauty and colours of Rhodes. Living in this part of the world, inspiration must be endless; from the natural beauty of the Rock across the seasons, through to the views across the Bay and Straits of Gibraltar – not forgetting the various cultural influences that can be found around Gibraltar.

As someone who has spent her life living here, Jenny is as involved as you would imagine in the local community. The development of her business and support from the local community has instilled in her a belief that she should give back to the people who support her. So with this in mind when Jenny is approached by local charities more often than not she will donate one of her pieces as a prize, to help them raise funds. I get the distinct feeling she has a soft spot for children (Wobbles Charity Gibraltar was mentioned) and animals.

Continuing our conversation about local issues I decided I would be cheeky and pick her brains for top tips for (myself and) any tourists who might find themselves in Gibraltar as to what her favourite place was to grab a bite to eat and drink. A firm and resounding Ocean Village!

Jenny’s tips are The Island, The Cuban, The Bridge Bar & Grill and then just around the corner to Bianca’s and Charlie’s (Charlie’s does do a very good curry). And I can confirm the view across the marina here is very good, and I look forward to trying out the rest of those places, although it is worth noting that we are expecting the arrival of the ‘flotel’ (floating hotel) shortly so I am not sure what that will do to the view at ground / sea level! Either way it may well result in yet another outlet for Jenny’s creations and will certainly increase the chances of her creations reaching an even broader audience.

Find Jenny on:


Jennys Jewels Website

Or email

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