Ipanema – Ocean Village – Gibraltar

At the moment there is a special offer on cocktails at Ipanema. After looking at the website I see they are famed for them. See what you miss out on when you don’t really drink?! I love the roasted meats there, and the buffet, and the ice-cream. So anyway, the 2-4-1 cocktail offer lured me in. I had two strawberry mojitos. That was enough for me. I don’t like falling about and slurring and had I indulged further that would have happened. This was actually my first tipple in some time. And very nice it was too.

The food as always was great. The buffet had lots to offer and even though there were two large parties in at the same time as us, the service was very good. I took a few pictures of the place so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Also worth noting the food isn’t available until 1900. (Although I’m not sure if that time is the same for every day.)


4 thoughts on “Ipanema – Ocean Village – Gibraltar

    1. I do like leaves, but the salad bar tends to be made up of more filling things, like mixed bean salads, cous cous, pasta salads, beetroot in some very yummy dressing (yes I went back for seconds!) and coleslaw. I haven’t seen just leaves there, I think this is because you can just opt for buffet only, and if you just wanted cold, well I would be miffed if I just got leaves!


  1. My observation was based on the photo. I’m not suggesting it should be ‘just’ leaves, I was more observing how my choice from the salad bar would be quite similar to what was on the plate in the photo. Nothing green apart from the odd chive. I like beetroot too.


    1. Oh I do like beetroot very much!
      Sorry Blu I think we (me) got crossed wires.
      I didn’t mean that they should serve just leaves, I meant that I haven’t ever seen a serving bowl thing with your bog standard leafy salad! I am like you though in that I probably wouldn’t select that. (We have salad like that at home, a lot.) If I am going to have cold buffet I need heartier veggies to fill me up!


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