The East of Gibraltar – Caleta Hotel – Catalan Bay

So today I took a little excursion on the number four bus. The post detailing the route (in my own unique way) will follow soon. I have to say I am bit lazy really, I hardly ever make it around to this side of Gibraltar. Well I don’t drive and I don’t really do beaches, but I think I will start to include this on a walk especially during the summer months as the views really were something.

I stopped by the Caleta, somewhere I have never been before, I had a drink on the terrace (a rock and roll water for those who would like to know) and admired the views. This is definitely somewhere I am going visit again as I have visions of me enjoying tea and cake and looking at the sea. The hotel was very nice inside, from the road it is a bit dated, and a little bit ‘run down’, but inside and from the beach I think it looks just dandy.

Plus it has a restaurant and does beauty stuff. So this might be somewhere to visit for a really lazy pampering day. We shall see!

15 thoughts on “The East of Gibraltar – Caleta Hotel – Catalan Bay

  1. I did an eastern trip blog post too last year. We were in the Landy so I didn’t have chance to stop and take piccies, they were snatched thru’ the window.
    I’d be interested to hear about the restaurant as it seems to be good. Not that I have any intention of eating there, or at the Elliott or at the Rock. I did consider eating at the Rock for our wed ann a few years ago, but it’s not the greatest vegetarian choice in the world. Went to the Maharajah instead.


    1. I’ll be sure to check out your pictures.
      The Elliot does very good food you know, and the service is amazing. We went recently. Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
      If you are a pescatarian you will have lots of choice, but otherwise I would say not to go into the Elliot for food, because it was a lot of fish, I don’t remember seeing purely veggie based grub! Most of these places will do a special order for you if you call in advance you know?

      As for the Rock I am only five minutes walk from there, but have never been in. Our friends stayed there for a few nights when they came to get married last year and said it was nice but kind of dated, they didn’t mention the food. I must go in there. That terrace and a cold drink…
      I will obviously post when we go for dinner (notice when, not if, my poor husband!) at the Caleta, what kind of dishes are good for you? I will keep my eyes peeled!


      1. I’m basically vegan, resort to vegetarian when desperate. I despair at the lack of imagination, as soon as you say you are vegetarian – you get a load of cheese/egg in your face – invariably veg lasagna which I loathe unless I’ve cooked it, and if you say vegan, you end up with curry. I don’t go to expensive restaurants to eat curry when I can go to a decent Indian. No fish for zillions of years. I’m sure they will, but I don’t want that. I’d prefer to have the same choice as everyone else, walk in, find a menu and have a choice.

        Very dated last time we went, which isn’t a bad thing, but it needed redecorating. Water stains all over in the main lounge area? On the menu I posted on the blog, Our choice was limited to gazpacho and tomato salad for £12. That’s £24 for two. I don’t think so.

        Pix of the Rock here – not my day for good interior photos, the bar ones didn’t work at all!

        I’ve just looked up the menus out of curiosity. La Caleta, unless I am being totally stupid, doesn’t display menus. I did look at the banqueting menu. It wasn’t inspiring from a veg point of view. The Elliott’s was grossly unimaginative, with only one veg main course. Veg stir fry with ginger, coriander and chilli – for £14! That’s £28 for two. I do that as a basic meal here for a few quid. It will take a hell of a lot more than that to tempt me to eat there. Their bar menu is dire. At least the Rock has two veg main courses although I really don’t want an omelette for a posh meal.

        When 😀 you go, do let me know what the so-called veg options are seeing as they don’t publicise their menus on their website. I suspect I may write a post on being veg in Gib soon.


      2. Do you do tofu and quorn? I have some veggie / vegan buddies who will not touch either of these things.
        I will let you know when we go. I will see if I can nab a copy of their menu!
        I wonder if the restaurant owners here knew that there was a demand for different types of cuisine then they would offer it. If you are on Facebook you could maybe mention it on some of the restaurant pages? You aren’t the only vegan / veggie in Gibraltar so a market is being missed!


      3. Tofu yes. Seitan and tempeh too. Quorn I tend to leave alone.

        There is a demand in Gib, or at least in Morrisons. The good vegetarian products – and the organic veg – disappear within minutes! Ok, within a day of appearing.

        I still rate Quattro and Maharajah as the best places. Waterfront was good years ago, but no longer.

        I chucked FB years ago.


      4. Is Quattro that little place on Rosia Road?
        Yes I always notice that about Morrisons as well. I have absolutely no idea what seitan and tempah are, I’m terribly ignorant about alternatives to meat. Quorn I do eat though, I like it as a base to chilli / curry dishes, but on its own it is terribly bland.
        I couldn’t agree more about Waterfront. The food is still good, but that is if you can stomach the service which I find absolutely appalling. We stopped there with the intention of taking my friend and her daughter for dinner and stood in the doorway for around ten minutes while the staff gossiped at the bar, looking at us, and then ignoring us. On another occasion it took me nearly twenty minutes to get a coffee, after about ten minutes the friend I was with was all up for leaving and going elsewhere, but by that point it had become a battle of wills. I despair of anyone who visits Gibraltar going there and walking away with the impression that our service industry is like that! One friend told me that when she was a waitress a top way of showing your disgust at the service you got was to leave a penny. By not leaving any tip you just look tight, but a penny demonstrates you thought it out and found them wanting!


  2. Quattro is the one on Rosia Road. I got the number from one of your posts when I needed a take-away!
    Couple of posts:

    I like Quattro. You can read about seitan and tempeh somewhere on my blog. My partner sometimes eats lamb style steaks and peppered steaks. Not that Morries has had them in for ages. The other one is the broccoli and cheese escalope. Used to be in the fresh counter now in the freezer. I wouldn’t think of using Quorn in chilli or curry. TVP is actually better, but I don’t use that either 😀

    We had a real spat with WF once. Haven’t been back since. Service at the time was totally Eastern European and to be utterly honest, se said one thing and the staff said ‘Yes’, not understanding a word. Yes, the service is/was slow. Before you came to Gib, the food and service were much better. I wouldn’t recommend it at all these days, apart from the view.


    1. Yeah I love that place! Really, really good food. My husband and I call it the four seasons, (which is the translation?, or he is exacting a cruel revenge upon me.) because when I try to pronounce it, it sound like Delboy speaking French. Awful. 😉
      Quorn is good as a base. It absorbs flavour really well, or it might just be that it has no flavour so any is an improvement!? I had to google TVP, that sounds interesting. Textured. Hmmm.
      Yeah I have to say the Waterfront is on my no go list. Which is a shame, but should they get their act together I am very willing to give them another chance… The view and the menu were both good. Oh well…


  3. Quattro means 4. Quattro stagioni would be four seasons.
    I think most vegetarians/vegans who can cook will generally produce a better vegetarian meal that most restaurants.
    I was working out with a friend of mine that I’ve eaten in some what over 3000 restaurants during 25 years of extensive business travel and I’d say 70% of them were disappointing; I could have done a better meal at home with the same ingedients.
    I believe Catalan Bay has a seafood fish restaurant in addition to the Caleta Hotel, no idea if either are any good though.
    Views from that side of Gib look fantastic, thanks for the pics.


    1. That is a lot of restaurants!
      I enjoyed taking those pictures. So much so, that I went back with a friend today and really had a look around. That area has more to it than you would think. There is a place opening up soon, that will work as bar, diner and ice cream parlour. Its the mint green building next to the Caleta but just about the beach. The beach gets busy after school finishes, so I am guessing during the summer break it must be the place to hang out.
      What a blast it must be to grow up here! Beaches, sunshine and freedom!


      1. Rosia is on the West side of the penninsular I think, well Rosia Road is. Don’t they have a serious pollution problem on the beaches on the West side courtesy of those nice people (NOT!!) in Algeciras and their sewage management systems.


      2. Yes Rosia is on the west side of Gibraltar, in the South District.
        As for pollution. I haven’t ever noticed anything, but then again I don’t go in the sea, when I have been down to where the lido is, which is just after Rosia, the water is always clear as a bell. But I guess it must exist to a degree.
        I haven’t heard of sewage pollution, but I have heard of chemical.


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