Shoring up the rock!

I went around to the East side of Gibraltar today. Not only was the sun shining and the view amazing. These guys caught my eye and well, I am good with heights, but there is no way I could or would do their job! I am guessing they were shoring up some more of the Rock as I was told by the bus driver that this area does suffer from rock falls. Scary stuff!

2 thoughts on “Shoring up the rock!

  1. I’m guessing that’s a good optical zoom lens and you weren’t crawling up the rock face behind them. I bet its a bit cloudy there of an afternoon in the winter, when the sun decides to hide behind the rock.


    1. I was right behind them actually! 😉

      No, you are correct, I used a zoom from the ground and a safe distance! They really do have a unique job!
      As for the East side of Gib, it stays sunny until the mid / late afteroon, depending on the season, which is when the sun would become hidden behind the rock. It is really cute down there, the coloured buildings and the beach, but I have been there during winter months, during the rain and let me tell you, it is not quite so cute then! The rain lashes down and it means business. Plus the rock fall element would not allow me to sleep at night!


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