Two Cruise Ships.

Sometimes you arrange to meet someone at a certain time.

Then two cruise ships dock (?) and this happens….



2 thoughts on “Two Cruise Ships.

  1. Why oh why do all the passengers congregate in Main Street……? It has a limited variety of shops and I wonder if they actually purchase anything? I fear they just stroll around searching for something to take their eye and leave disappointed. I feel new businesses need to be encouraged, something other than our current choice of cosmetics/perfumes and electrical products perhaps?


    1. I really don’t know. I feel bad that they miss out on Irish Town, Europa Point, Ocean Village and Alameda Gardens. I think it might be that herd mentality thing, you know following the people ahead of you. I really wish the tourist board would get in contact with the cruise ships and actually provide literature on where to go / what to see, what we have to offer, because I can’t believe that this is being offered at the moment, also it isn’t as if you have to pay a fortune to see Gibraltar, the bus service is great, if people knew they could hop on a number 2 bus for £1.50 and get down to Europa Point for coffee and those amazing views I am sure they would! Or maybe the taxi drivers could offer an alternate route? I don’t know, but something needs to be done so smaller businesses who aren’t on Main Street don’t miss out on this colossal footfall that occurs every week during the months!


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