The Kitchen – Gibraltar

A few weeks ago we went for food at this lovely little cafe. It was while we had guests over. I forgot to write it up. My bad. This place is tucked down a side ‘road’ well it is called College Lane, and in truth is more like an alleyway, but I guess these buildings were put up long before cars were even an idea!

The Kitchen is one of those amazing little secret places where the food is amazing and the service is great. The only stickler is I am not sure of when it is open, (I am guessing peak hours during the day, for lunch etc) and I don’t have any contact details. So far so useless eh?!

I am going to swing by there in the next day or so, and I am going to obtain those details and pop them on here. In the mean time, head up Main Street, go up as far as Mothercare or The Horseshoe pub, and look for an ‘A’ board or head down College Lane, you can’t miss it. There is a clothing shop on the corner of College Lane if that makes it any easier.

Anyway the food; gourmet burgers, chicken pinchitoes, awesome coffee, really lovely specials everyday. If you haven’t been you must try it out!

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