Room with a view

Yesterday we went to a party held on the 11th floor of one of the tallest developments in Gibraltar. The building is known as Eurotowers and I have to say I was so impressed with the view from my friend’s place. You could see for miles. Next time I get an invite I will take my bigger camera as it has a stronger zoom! You can see across the Bay of Gibraltar, you can see the runway (I would be watching planes land and take off all day) and you can see right across town. It is pretty darned cool!

2 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. Yes, take your best camera next time. For me my property priorities are a great view and outside space from which to enjoy it.

    Euro Towers is that on the Spanish side of the runway, my geography isn’t that great.


    1. Hey Blu,

      Eurotowers is right next to Morrisons, so it is in Gibraltar. The view is great from the top floors. I am going to email you an estate agents name and number, he is a really great guy and listens and doesn’t mess around. He will be able to send you a ton of details about buying / letting somewhere. You know you might be better off renting for a few months just so you know exactly where you want to live. There are quite a few options!

      If you google Morrisons on Google maps you’ll see where Eurotowers is, its not exactly central, but you are close to most things you would need / want on a daily basis!

      BOTR 🙂


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