Kite Surfing – La Linea – Spain

Today we went for a walk along the coastline. The wind was so strong, which made it the ideal weather for the local kite surfers. I love watching these guys. There is something very relaxing about watching these guys dip and fly around. I can’t imagine they feel the same way though, especially when they are trying to ‘reel in’ their kites and pack up!

2 thoughts on “Kite Surfing – La Linea – Spain

  1. We kitesurf down here too so was excited to read your post – it is a bit of a passion of mine, and although we fly in the open sea with quite sizable waves at times i have never had the experience of having to weave my way through parked yatchs! And you are correct – although flying can be really meditative, it is not so much about the calm and easy look but rather about the hectic level at which you are required to focus. No space in the brain for anything else. Quite refreshing!


    1. We stood and watched them for about half an hour, honestly it I find it like therapy. I can totally understand the level of concentration required! There is a place further up the coast called Tarifa which is famed for the surfing / kite surfing, people come from all over Europe to visit. When you drive down the coast road, the sky line is lots of bobbing kites, the wind there is immense so it is busy for most of the year! I have to agree though I do wonder about the kites and boats getting tangled up!


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