Runway Gibraltar 2013

Well last Saturday saw the first of what I hope will be many Runway fashion events in Gibraltar.

The evening started at 6pm, and the event was held at Kings Bastion Leisure Centre. Right from the start it was a thousand times more professional than the fashion week we had back in September. Whilst we were treated to Zandra Rhodes collection last September, the organization of the event was absolutely horrendous. With guests not arriving to show or host the event, people who hadn’t paid to watch the shows just turning up and taking seats, it was a bit of a shambles. This event couldn’t have been more different.

The premise for the event is to show fashion from new designers, local designers and international ones. All to a backdrop of local artists, and local bands and musicians.

The artists exhibitions were really something. I do love a good bit of photography, for anyone who stops by here a lot, you will know I am not shy of taking a picture, but to take a pictures of people without getting a bit embarrassed, well that is something else altogether. The husband came along with me to the event (it was an ex-colleague of his that was part of the team who set the event up) and he was hugely impressed with the art exhibit. It was very nicely presented and some of the pieces were really cool, whilst others were extraordinary.

The first set of shows we saw were part of a competition for new designers to win a place in a larger contest called Fashionclash. The winner goes over to Maarstricht to compete with other designers from I assume other Runway events. Good luck to the winner. Each designer showed three outfits and the winner was decided by a panel of judges whose identity escapes me! Sorry. The winner was a young lady who had designed sportswear themed pieces.

In between the shows local musicians played and the bar at Boyds was open for refreshments. Also there were several stands open. Beauty and fashion and stands from the sponsors. If you were one of the first two hundred people to arrive you got a goodie bag. I got one. (Yippee!) A free diet coke, (one of the sponsors) some perfume samples, some false eyelashes, some aftershave samples and balms, and a bag hook and numerous money off vouchers. It was a very nice touch!

The local designers that showed were Jane Langdon and MLE Swimwear. The swimwear was lovely, one particular set might find its way into my wardrobe, so long as I can kick my crisp / chocolate habit before to long. Jane Langdons collection was lovely, although it was the same collection or at least the same fabric as she showed in September. Still this time around I had a front row seat so I can’t complain.

The next show up was Next, the high street store. Mother always says if you can’t anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

After that came the high light of the evening for me, the Barcelona based Gori De Palma. What a talented man and what a fabulous collection. I actually swooned. The pieces were quite something, the level of detail amazing and I am going to find out where he is stocked. I need one of the smock blouses I saw…. Yes need!

The last show of the evening was from London designer William Wilde. He specializes in using latex. A very unique and risqué collection that drew many gasps and giggles from the assembled crowd.

All told the event was really fun and interesting night out. It was executed in a professional way and any problems were ironed out then and there. Yes people who push into queues and steal VIP seats I mean you! I can’t wait for the next one, and I think this is a great platform for any budding designers who live locally, it also injects a bit of glamour into the Gibraltar calendar!

8 thoughts on “Runway Gibraltar 2013

      1. You can get a direct flight to Seville from Malta. I am not sure if one goes to Malaga which is closer. But if you have to go to Seville its an awesome city to explore as well! Or you can get a connecting flight in London. If you do fly over drop me a line and I will give you a list of good places to eat / drink / see! 😀


      2. How nice of you! Actually I have been told a lot of nice things about Seville and the festival of oranges. so it is on my destinations list… 🙂 Maybe it would be a good idea to stop in a few places.

        Thanks for everything! and likewise if in Malta!



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