Mumbai Curry House No 1 – Gibraltar

This curry house is situated in / near Eurotowers. Whilst there was nothing to complain about with the food, I have got a few negative comments to make about the place.

If you offer in-house dining, please can I suggest the following:

  • A clean eating area, minus the used and somewhat soiled mattress propped against the wall.
  • That you store your supplies out of sight, or at least make them look cared for.
  • That you provide clean glasses, plates and silverware, sure I get that a dish washer doesn’t always pick up everything, but dead flies and dust? That just pushes the limit a little bit.
  • A lighting system that doesn’t just shut down every time someone plugs something in down stairs.
  • A waiter who a) isn’t so sullen you sort of feel bad for being in your restaurant, and b) doesn’t ask what you want to eat, before you have even seen a menu! (I was tempted to ask for a crystal ball) and c) doesn’t then throw a few menus down before storming off. I have never felt so awkward in all of my life.
  • Beverages that arrive in clean cans / bottles, not covered in goodness knows what!

As I have said the food was great, really tasty and once our order had been placed it arrived in good time. But the service was shocking, if the owners (who are very pleasant people) had said, ‘can you take away?’, we would have. I can not emphasise how much the eating area / service let them down.

It is such a shame, as this eatery was one of only a handful of places open on Monday and I dread to think if anyone from outside of Gibraltar ate there. Actually they did, we took our family in there (who were in from the UK), and it was quite embarrassing having to explain that the amazing smells that emanate from Mumbai Curry House No 2 are actually the same people / business.

All I can say is if you advertise as having a seating area, may I suggest you always keep it in a clean condition, it doesn’t have to be newly decorated or super trendy, just clean.


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