Good Friday Procession – La Linea

We had family over last week, they flew into Gibraltar airport on Good Friday and other than crack out the scrabble (joke) we had very little in the way of entertaining them as Gibraltar seems to close down for Easter. Well Good Friday and Easter Sunday at least.

Since moving to Gibraltar we have been told about the processions over Easter in La Linea. Neither my husband or I keep a religion, we do however find it interesting to go and witness these types of events, so in the name of ‘living somewhere different’ and keeping the family entertained we made our way over the border in the early part of the evening.

As a foreigner, I found the parades really interesting and if I am honest, slightly scary. I guess the fear factor comes from the masks and robes. The images below will explain why. I associate these robes with the KKK, which is horrible really because they are actually about God, as opposed to some narrow-minded f**k wits which a penchant for lynching innocent people. The processions go on for a good few hours, but alas the darned rain got us and we called it a night after we saw the Virgin Mary make her entrance into the church. Which in itself was quite spectacular. The decorated platforms must weigh an absolute ton, yet the grace and ease the carriers displayed in making her entrance was in itself an art form! In the name of research I googled what they all represent and this is by far the best website I found for information.

The crowds were really dense and the atmosphere was quite unlike any I have ever known. As I have said we don’t keep a religion and even though we might be missing out on something by not being an actual ‘part’ of these types of events I felt there wasn’t any hostility towards us just being there observing something new. In fact I should imagine it brings a sense of pride knowing that your traditions can draw such a crowd of people.

Most of the cafes were open down the main strip of La Linea, so for anyone looking to go next year there are quite a few places to stop for coffee and cake, which if the weather matches this years would be most welcome!

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Procession – La Linea

    1. There are loads of disgusting things done in the name of God, because I don’t do religion I like to kid myself into thinking they are all peaceful and full of love etc… so shhhh! As for the Spanish Inquisition… I didn’t do history I am afraid. I will look it up. I know I wont like what I read if they were similar to the KKK.


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